The 10 Best Tear Stain Removers for Pets in 2024

The 10 Best Tear Stain Removers for Pets in 2024

Tear stains are an unsightly and troublesome issue for both dogs and cats. As many cat and dog owners can attest, the accumulation of dried tears (otherwise known as eye gunk) can harbor bacteria and create crust, leaving behind those notorious reddish-brown streaks. If this sounds all too familiar, no need to fret! The right tear stain removing products can save the day by gifting your pet with clearer, healthier eyes.

There are numerous kinds of tear stain removers on the market, so we’ve put together a list of our top 10 favorites to help owners select the best for their pet.

What You Need to Know About Tear Stain Removers

Before we dive into our tear stain remover product reviews, we’ll explore the most vital info you need to know about tear stains, as well as how to choose the right remover for your pet.

What Causes Tear Stains?

Tear stains are the result of excess tear production in pets. Referred to as epiphora, it can also be caused by the animal’s inability to sufficiently drain tears from their system. While this can be relatively normal for most dogs and cats, they can also signal a medical problem.

How Should I Treat Tear Stains?

Sometimes the issue can be addressed from the inside out through a change in diet, but often, tear stains require external grooming and maintenance to remove them. That’s why we’ve compiled the a variety of helpful products below, so you can choose what will work best for your pet with confidence.

Selecting the Best Tear Stain Remover

Tear stain removers come in a variety of different types. Before you go online and buy the first product you see, it’s worth considering these factors below.

Stain Remover Type

Tear stain removers come in the form of cotton pads, liquid cleansers, lotions, combs, or supplement chews. Therefore, it’s important to determine which type is best for your kind of pet. To help you out, we’ve examined the different varieties in more detail below. Overall, you’ll want to choose one that’s safe, agrees with your pet, and is effective long term.

Ease of Use

Most tear stain removers are easy to use, but some vary in terms of method and may require additional steps. We analyzed the products below for how easy they are to apply onto your pet and whether they require multiple applications.


Unsurprisingly, some products work better than others. This also varies depending on the breed of pet you have and their fur type and length. We’ve looked at the longevity of the products and how well they clean tear stains out of pet fur. We also examined whether the products were preventative to help stop tear stains in future.

Value for Money

There is a fairly broad price range when it comes to tear stain removers, but this depends on the type of remover. For instance, cotton wipes can range from $10 to $20, lotions can be $10 to $15, combs from $5 to $10, and chews can be anywhere between $10 to $40. When it comes to establishing value for money, you should consider how often you need to clean your pet’s eyes and how much tear staining product you’ll use.

Top 10 Best Tear Stain Removers for Pets 2024

1. Best Overall Tear Stain Remover: TropiClean Spa Tear Stain Remover

TropiClean Spa Tear Stain Remover

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: This all-natural formula is highly effective at removing tear stains and loosening hardened build-up around the eyes. It also exfoliates and moisturizes skin and smells amazing due to its vanilla, oat, and blueberry combination.

Quick Facts:

  • Stain Remover Type: Liquid foaming cleanser
  • Unique Feature: Soap and paraben free
  • Intended for: Dogs and cats

At the top of our list is TropiClean’s Spa Tear Stain Remover. Not only is it effective, gentle, and natural, but unlike a lot of other removers, it doesn’t require the use of a cotton pad. You also only need a pea-sized amount, so one bottle will last a long time. Its luscious blueberry vanilla scent is an added bonus and shouldn’t put off your pet’s sensitive nose (unless they hate blueberries or vanilla, of course).

Containers come in 8oz, 1 gallon, and 2.5-gallon sizes, and can be applied like a regular shampoo.

Ease of Use

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of lathering the lotion onto your pet’s face and gently scrubbing like an ordinary shampoo. Simply wet your pet’s fur, apply, wait a few minutes, and rub out the stain!

The only downside is it requires a bit of lathering so it can get a bit messy, and you need to be careful not to get it in your pet’s eyes. Even though the ingredients are natural and non-irritating, your dog or cat might not like it oozing into their eyeballs.

This product also works well with the tear stain remover comb. Once you’ve applied the lotion and rinsed thoroughly, you may want to use the comb to get out excess crust.


This product is effective at both breaking down the hardened crust that forms around your pets’ eyes and for getting rid of the stain on their fur. While it may require multiple applications, over time those brown streaks and built up crust will diminish, keeping your pet looking clean and healthy.

As well as removing stains, this product also exfoliates and rehydrates the skin using coconut and oatmeal ingredients. It is also very gentle on your pet’s eyes.


  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Effectively remove tear stains
  • Rehydrates the skin
  • Smells fantastic
  • Product lasts ages (a little goes a long way)


  • Can get a bit messy while lathering

2. Best Budget Tear Stain Remover: Pets & Goods Tear Stain Remover Comb

Pets & Goods Tear Stain Remover Comb

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: These combs gently remove tear stains without requiring liquid solutions and are good value for money.

Quick Facts:

  • Stain Remover Type: Combs
  • Unique Feature: Chemical and liquid free
  • Intended for: Dogs and cats

These tear remover combs have 65 teeth with rounded ends which won’t scratch or harm your pet’s skin. They come in two sizes and are ergonomically designed for easy handling. They are also inexpensive and potentially long lasting, making them good value for money, especially as you won’t need refills or replacements as often as other removers.

Ease of Use

These combs are simple to use and their thin rounded teeth make it smooth and easy to comb through fur. They can be used wet or dry but wetting the fur beforehand can make it easier to soften any crusty bits. The best part is there is no need for any chemical solution, so you don’t have to worry about getting anything in your pet’s eyes.


The fine structure of the teeth on these combs means they are effective at removing crusted tear stains. Their rounded ends are gentle but tough enough to get rid of hardened gunk around your pet’s eyes.

When used daily, these combs are also a decent tear deterrent. Crusted tears can lead to bacteria over time, but frequent combing keeps the fur clear, preventing a build-up of tears from forming.

One minor issue with these combs is that they don’t eliminate stained fur entirely. While regular combing will of course remove some of the crusted fur, you may want to employ the use of a natural liquid cleanser such as TropiClean’s Spa Tear Stain Remover to assist the process. This is especially the case for dogs with white fur where the stains are more pronounced.


  • Good value
  • Easy to use
  • Keeps crusted tears at bay
  • No chemical cleansers


  • Doesn’t clean stained fur (can use in combination with a lotion or liquid cleanser)

3. Easiest-to-Use Tear Stain Remover: Scobuty Tear Stain Remover Wipes

Scobuty Tear Stain Remover Wipes

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: These natural eye wipes are soft, moist, and easy to use. They gently remove crusts and stains from pets’ eyes and prevent future stains from forming.

Quick Facts:

  • Stain Remover Type: Cotton wipes
  • Unique Feature: Made from organic cotton
  • Intended for: Dogs and cats

These stain removers are made from 100% natural organic cotton and contain aloe and vitamin E to help soothe your pet’s skin. Each tub contains 100 unscented wipes.

Ease of Use

Due to the size of these wipes, they are very easy to use. At 5.4 cm diameter, they make wiping around the eyes an easy-going experience without needing to cut or re-size. The packaging is also strong, meaning the wipes stay consistently wet for longer. The size of the tub is convenient for travel and the wipes dispense quite easily.


These wipes are effective at removing eye gunk without irritating your pet’s eyes. Their natural formula helps remove mucus while inhibiting bacteria, making them an ideal tear stain remover. Depending on the severity of your pet’s tear problem, these may take a few applications to see maximum results.


  • Easy to use
  • Efficiently cleans tear stains
  • Good size
  • Strong packaging (sealed well)


  • A bit pricey

4. Best Premium Tear Stain Remover: TrueBlue Eye Wipes

TrueBlue Eye Wipes

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: These eye wipes contain witch hazel to effectively soften and cleanse tear stains, while aloe, chamomile, and cucumber ingredients soothe and moisturize. They are sufficiently moist and have a light natural scent.

Quick Facts:

  • Stain Remover Type: Cotton wipes
  • Unique feature: Wipes are textured
  • Intended for: Dogs andats

These wipes are pre-moistened with natural ingredients like chamomile, aloe, and cucumber. Each tub contains 50 wipes.

Ease of Use

The style of these wipes makes them easy to use. Slightly larger than other pads, these can be used around the eyes as well as on your pet’s face, if needed. If the pads are too big for your pet, you can cut them in half or into quarters. The sizing may be a downside for some users who don’t want the fuss of cutting the wipes.


The textured quality and high level of moisture on these pads make them effective tear stain removers. Witch hazel is also a natural disinfectant, so these wipes not only effectively remove tear stains, but combined with the aloe and chamomile, they also reduce inflammation. While they are good at gentle removing tear stains, they are rather expensive; if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, Pets & Goods Tear Stain Remover Comb may be your perfect pick.


  • Gentle and non-irritating
  • Textured (for more effective cleaning)
  • Pleasant scent
  • Good amount of moisture


  • Larger size may not suit every pet
  • Expensive compared to other products

5. Best for Multiple Types of Pets: Miracle Care Eye Wash Pads

Miracle Care Eye Wash Pads

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: These easy-to-use pads contain only 6 ingredients and are effective at melting away ‘eye gunk’ and removing tear stains.

Quick Facts:

  • Stain Remover Type: Cotton wipes
  • Unique Feature: Exclusive formula has been used by breeders and groomers since 1961
  • Intended for: Dogs, cats, horses, and birds

This tear stain remover consists of pre-soaked pads. The pads are thin and come in 90 or 180-count packs.

Ease of Use

The smoothness of these pads makes them easy to use. They can also be folded over for small eyes or hard-to-reach areas. As these pads are pre-soaked, it means they’re convenient to apply and can be used without putting your pet into the bath.

One downside to this product is that they’re a bit thin, which can affect durability depending on the type of fur you’re dealing with. They’re also unscented, so if you’re looking for the spa experience, you may need to incorporate these wipes into other grooming activities.


Made with a soothing formula, these pads are moist and effective at removing tear stains and hardened eye gunk. Over time, you may even find that your pet’s eye function improves as a result.


  • Well-priced
  • Soothing properties
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used on a variety of pets


  • Pads are a bit thin

6. Best at Restoring Eye Health: Cliny Eye Cleaner for Dogs & Cats

Cliny Eye Cleaner for Dogs & Cats

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: Cliny’s eye cleaner is an effective and gentle tear stain remover that contains natural ingredients which disinfect, reduce inflammation, and encourage eye restoration.

Quick Facts:

  • Stain Remover Type: Lotion
  • Unique Feature: Medicinal blend that reduces inflammation and restores eye health
  • Intended for: Dogs and cats

This liquid formula comes with a dropper applicator and can be applied to Q-tips, cotton balls, cloths, or dry wipes for easy removal.

Ease of Use

The dropper method of this tear stain remover makes it convenient and easy to use. Simply apply it to a cloth or cotton applicator and wipe your pet’s eyes gently. The veterinary formula also contains panthenol which helps soften the crust caused by your pet’s tears, making it easier to remove.

One downside is the how quickly you can run out of the product: a moderate amount of lotion is sometimes needed in one sitting to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, 1 bottle might not go very far.


The benefit of this product is that it prevents tears as well as removes stains. It contains boric acid, a natural ingredient that disinfects and relieves inflammation. It also has taurine, which helps promote restoration of the eyes and retina. This product is therefore more of a medicinal all-in-one product, helping to cleanse your pets’ eyes while keeping infection at bay and preventing future tear problems.


  • Easy to use
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Disinfects
  • Effective stain removal


  • The product runs out quickly: one application requires a moderate amount of product

7. Best at Removing Moisture: Squishface Wrinkle Paste

Squishface Wrinkle Paste

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: This unique cream helps prevent and clean tear stains by creating a water-repellent barrier that keeps bacteria and fungus away. Plus, the name is fun, too!

Quick Facts:

  • Stain Remover Type: Cream
  • Unique Feature: Removes moisture
  • Intended for: Mainly dogs

Squishface is a topical cream for wrinkled skin folds or places where moisture accumulates. The item above is a two pack, but you can buy them individually. Each tube is 2 oz.

Ease of Use

The consistency of this thick cream makes it easy to apply. It’s fragrance free and simple to spread without any harsh chemicals. Simply clean the area, apply a small amount of cream (pea size for tear stains), and then wipe away any excess. You may need to reapply the cream every 24 hours for about a week for maximum results.


Where this product shines is in its ability to deal with excess moisture. Not only does it help with your pet’s skin irritation, but the removal of moisture prevents tear stains from forming. It also removes the stains after repeated application.

One downside to this product is it may be more effective with wrinkled animals like bulldogs. While it can work on other furry pets, it might not be the best solution for stubborn tear stains that aren’t just due to moisture. If you need something that will definitely work on multiple types of animals, check out the Miracle Care Eye Wash Pads. The other issue is it needs to be applied daily for a week or more so it requires frequent maintenance — hence why you might need to buy a 2 pack!


  • Removes moisture
  • Prevents excess tears
  • Restores wrinkled skin
  • Easy to apply


  • Requires frequent application (every 24 hrs)
  • Primarily for dogs – may not suit all pets

8. Best Multipurpose Tear Stain Remover: John Paul Pet Ear and Eye Wipes

John Paul Pet Ear and Eye Wipes

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: Designed by renowned salon guru John Paul Mitchell, these eye and ear wipes are pH balanced for pets. They safely clean around the eyes while absorbing odor, and aloe ingredients help soothe and condition the affected area.

Quick Facts:

  • Stain Remover Type: Cotton wipes
  • Unique Feature: pH balanced for pets
  • Intended for: Dogs and cats

These stain remover pads come in 7” by 7” cotton rounds. Each tub contains 45 wipes.

Ease of Use

These wipes are soft, gentle, convenient, and easy to use. As they’re a bit larger, they can be folded in half. Their larger size also means they can be used for wiping other areas of your pet’s face and ears at the same time.


These wipes are gentle, non-irritating, and effective at wiping away discoloration and eye gunk.

One issue is they are a bit drier than some of the other cotton wipes on the market, meaning they might not be as effective at softening eye gunk. The larger size can be a tad inconvenient too, if your pet’s eyes or face is small.


  • Easy to use
  • Conditions and soothes skin
  • Absorbs odor


  • Pads are a bit dry
  • Large size might require adjustments

9. Best for Soothing Itchy Eyes: Arava Pet Eye Wipes

Arava Pet Eye Wipes

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: These eye wipes from Arava are effective tear stain removers that also soothe dry, itchy eyes.

Quick Facts:

  • Stain Remover Type: Cotton wipes
  • Unique Feature: Contains a unique blend of Dead Sea minerals
  • Intended for: Dogs and Cats

These wipes contain a blend of chamomile, aloe, Lion’s Tooth, eyebright, vitamins D, E, B5 and a signature blend of 26 Dead Sea minerals. Each tub contains 100 unscented wipes.

Ease of Use

These wipes are small, making them easy to use and wipe off any excess eye gunk. The design and thickness of the pad also allows you to easily slide the dried eye gunk off with only 1 or 2 wipes. These are also carefully formulated to prevent infections and future tear stains.


Arava eye wipes are effective at softening and removing eye gunk, while helping with dryness and itching. Their blend of eyebright, Lion’s Tooth and aloe are also designed to soothe sensitive skin, reduce inflammation, and protect the eye from harmful acids and pollutants. These wipes also contain 26 Dead Sea minerals such as sulfur, sodium, magnesium, calcium, etc. which help maintain healthy skin and balance pH levels.

While these are great at soothing and removing eye gunk, they don’t fully get rid of stained fur caused from the tears. Despite all the added minerals and herbs, they also contain a couple ingredients like propylene glycol which aren’t natural and could irritate the eyes. If you’re looking for something all natural, consider TropiClean Spa Tear Stain Remover.


  • Soothes itchy and inflamed eyes
  • Easy to use
  • Anti-allergic


  • The wipes are a bit dry
  • Not all-natural, and some ingredients can irritate the eyes

10. Best for Long-Term Tear Stain Prevention: Petlab Co. Clear Eyes Chews

Petlab Co. Clear Eyes Chews

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: Petlab’s chews are designed to reduce tear stains from the inside out by supporting ocular health, boosting immunity, and promoting healthy fur.

Quick Facts:

  • Stain Remover Type: Food supplement
  • Unique Feature: Works from the inside out
  • Intended for: Dogs only

These chews are designed for dogs and contain natural ingredients such as chamomile and cranberry. Each tub contains 30 chews.

Ease of Use

These chews are easy to administer and can be given to your dog like any other treat or biscuit. Depending on the size of your dog, you can feed them 1 to 4 chews per day.

These are ones of the easiest of all stain removers as it only requires you to feed the chew to your dog. However, bear in mind that flavor is subjective, so there’s a chance your pooch might not take to the taste!


These chews are effective at reducing excess tears by targeting inflammation and improving eye health. Herbs like eyebright, for example, are designed to reduce inflammation in the eye.

Since it works from the inside out, it may take a bit longer to notice improvement compared with other tear stain removers. But generally speaking — and depending on your dog’s breed — you can see improvement in as little as 3 to 5 days. When they work effectively, you will notice fewer tears and clearer eyes.

The only downside is these chews may not work well for every dog. You will likely need to experiment and wait a week or so to see if there is any improvement.


  • Reduces tears from the inside out
  • Easy to administer
  • Long-term tear prevention


  • A bit pricey
  • Only for dogs

Guide to Buying the Best Tear Stain Remover for Pets

Buying the best tear stain remover for your pet can be a tricky affair. With a variety of types to choose from, each with their own unique effectiveness, it can be difficult to know what to select. Below we explore the key features you should be aware of before getting to work on those pesky dried tears.

Liquid, Wipe, Chew, or Comb: Which Type of Remover Is Best?

One of the first things you should determine before embarking on removing those unsightly tears from your pet’s eyes is the type of stain remover to purchase. There are a lot of products on the market and the most common type are the cotton wipes. But are these the best way to go? We explore this in more detail below.

Liquid Stain Removers

Liquid stain removers come in the form of foaming cleansers, lotions, creams, or dropper formulas. They can often be worked into the fur or skin to clean out the stain while breaking down those crusty hard bits.

Benefits: efficiently cleans the fur and doesn’t require the use of multiple wipes. This means they are also a more environmental option. Their concentrated formulas can also make them more effective and long lasting. If you opt for a liquid remover, ensure the ingredients are as close to all-natural as possible.

Downsides: can be slightly less convenient compared with a pre-soaked wipe. There is also the risk of getting it into your pet’s eyes if it’s a thin liquid.

Value for money: this can vary as indicated in our list, but some liquid removers go a long way making them good value for money. To ensure you’re getting best value, review the instructions to see how much is required (i.e. a pea-sized amount or more) during each application.

Cotton Wipes

Cotton wipes are the most popular tear stain removers on the market. These come in a variety of sizes and are pre-soaked with special formulas designed to soften and remove caked on eye gunk. Not all cotton wipes are created equal, though. Some are all-natural and contain soothing ingredients, while others include a blend of chemicals and natural elements.

When choosing a cotton wipe, it’s best to find formulas that contain all-natural ingredients, and that aim to prevent future tears as well as remove stains. Another key thing to look out for is the moistness of the wipes as the drier ones tend to be less effective.

The best cotton wipes will have:

  • Adequate moisture in each wipe
  • Solid packaging (which retains moisture and has an easy dispenser)
  • All-natural ingredients that soothe, disinfect, and remove stains
  • Decent sizing (anything bigger than 2-5 inches may require cutting)
  • No harsh odors

Benefits: convenient and easy to use. Depending on the style of packaging, you can take cotton wipes when you travel. You can also wipe your pet anywhere without needing to rinse them in the bath, for instance. Wipes are also a bit more hygienic for those who don’t like getting their hands dirty.

Downsides: can be wasteful especially if you use them every day. They can also be hit and miss in terms of moisture and effectiveness.

Value for money: wipes tend to be good value and roughly the same price, but it’s good to check the number of wipes you’re getting in each tub. Ensure you’re not paying too much for only a few pads without scrimping on quality.


Combs are an easy and effective way of removing tear stains and can often be used in combination with other products. All it requires is regular combing on your part around the affected area.

If you’re keen to lessen the exposure of your pet to irritants, you may want to start off with a comb to see how far that gets you. Make sure you select a comb that has rounded ends on the teeth  that it doesn’t aggravate your pet’s skin. The combs should be gentle, yet sturdy enough to slide through your pet’s fur and remove caked on eye gunk without too much tugging or pulling.

Benefits: easy to use and preventative through regular grooming. They’re also economical and potentially long lasting if you take care of them.

Downsides: while they can effectively remove stains, they won’t be able to clean the fur itself.

Value for money: combs are inexpensive and long lasting, making them good value for money. It’s a good idea to ensure you’re getting a variety of sizes when you purchase a pack.


Last, but not least, is the ‘inside-out’ option. These come in the forms of chews that work to boost your pet’s immunity, reduce inflammation, and lessen excess tear production in the eyes. Tear stain chews are also intended to promote eye health, so again, if you’re worried about getting irritants in your pet’s eyes, this could be a useful place to start. Simply feed your pet for a week or two and monitor the results.

When choosing a decent pet chew, make sure the ingredients are as natural as possible and that they don’t contain any additives.

Benefits: super easy to administer. All you need to do is feed your pet and monitor. In some cases, they also target the cause of excess tear production, so they are good for overall health.

Downsides: chews can take a bit longer to see the effects. It also means you might need to find an external way to remove the crusties in the meantime.

Value for money: from a certain standpoint, chews can be less value for money as they tend to be more expensive. And, if your dog is large, you’ll need to feed them a lot. Consider whether chews are the best option long term or if you want to combine them with other methods.

How to Ensure Long-Term Effectiveness

Once you’ve started using your chosen tear stain remover, you should assess its effectiveness and whether you need to combine or alternate between types. As we all know, every pet is different. What may work wonders for one dog or cat, may be a disaster for another. Also, some animals are more susceptible to tear stains than others, which means they require extra long-term maintenance.

To ensure that you can provide the most effective longstanding solutions consider the points below.

Alternating or Combining

Just because you’ve opted for cotton wipes, it doesn’t mean you have to stick with them. You may even want to try all four methods listed above to see if they work well on an alternating basis, or as a combination. For example, the comb can work well in tandem with a liquid foaming cleanser. The chews might also be sensible for regular maintenance on top of external removers and may mean you don’t have to do as much wiping, cleaning, or combing.

If your first choice isn’t 100% to your satisfaction, try combining or alternating product types to get maximum effectiveness.

Monitor & Check-in With Your Pet

It’s all well and good if you are happy with the results, but what about your pet’s satisfaction? It can be easy to be so focused on making your pet look cleaner and tidier that you neglect to pay attention to their reaction to these methods.

It will be very clear in some instances whether your pet loves or hates what you’re doing; however, they may display signs later on that are less noticeable. Make sure you check in with them and watch out for signs like increased scratching, squinting, or other signs of discomfort as they could develop a reaction to the product.

Tear Stain Remover FAQs

We’ve rounded up the most common questions about tear stain removers, so you can feel confident when caring for your furry best friend.

How Long Does It Take for the Average Tear Stain Remover to Work?

Stain removers can work almost immediately, but in most cases, they take several applications before you see full results. Some owners may need to wipe or clean their pets’ eyes daily, while others may find that the remover is only needed sporadically. If you’re patient and persistent, though, you’ll see results soon enough. Over time, you’ll likely develop your own unique way of removing and preventing tear stains which is specific to your pet.

Is There a Remover That Will Completely Get Rid of Tear Stains?

100% removal is never guaranteed. There are so many factors that determine whether the stain will stay or go, such as your pet’s fur type, the frequency and severity of their tears, etc. Some removers do completely eliminate the unsightly reddish color over time, but this will vary depending on each pet. The best thing to do is try a combination of remedies for maximum effectiveness. You may also want to visit your vet to see if you can tackle the cause of the tear stains as well.

A Lot of the Products Look Specific to Dogs. Can They Be Used on Cats Too?

Many of the tear stain removal products on the market are actually designed for both cats and dogs. Some are only specific to dogs as they tend to be more common, but a lot of products can be used for both especially when it comes to wipes or lotions. Chews, on the other hand, are slightly different, so you’ll need to check the label as some ingredients might not agree with both feline and pooch.

Final Thoughts

Tear stain removers can be a lifesaver for cats, dogs and other pets who suffer from excess tear production. With the right kind of remover, unsightly eye gunk and its reddish-brown aftermath can be a thing of the past, allowing your pet to enjoy the merits of healthier and clearer eyes. Choosing the best tear stain remover can be daunting at first, but the varied selection means you have several options to play with. Enjoy exploring our list and selecting the best option for your beloved four-legged friend!

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