Names Perfect For Your Dog That Start With the Letter D

Names Perfect For Your Dog That Start With the Letter D

If you just added a new furry friend to your family or intend to do so soon, you’re probably looking for the perfect name. Choosing the right name for your pup is super important since you’ll need to train them to respond to the name.

If you’re unsure how to pick the right name, you can observe your new pet for a few days to see what their personality is like. You may want to pick something that suits them, has special meaning to you, or simply sounds cool.

There are a ton of unique names for dogs that start with the letter D that will surely fit your dog, and we have them all listed out for you. Maybe you want a name like Danielle that will make the dog sound like part of the family, or perhaps you’d prefer something funny like Dio-gee, which is just “dog” spelled out.

Take a look at our list of names so you can find the perfect match for your new best friend.

People Names for Boy Dogs

  • Damien – to tame or subdue
  • Damon – to conquer, overpower
  • Dan – God is my judge; judge
  • Daniel – God is my judge
  • Danny – God is my judge
  • Dante – lasting, enduring
  • Darren – great; gift
  • Dave – beloved; son of David
  • David – beloved
  • Dean – valley; law, justice
  • Dennis – follower of Dionysius
  • Denny – the Dane’s village
  • Desmond – from south Munster
  • Dexter – right-handed; fortunate; one who dyes
  • Dez – ten
  • Dicky – powerful leader
  • Diego – supplanter
  • Dirk – famous ruler
  • Dixon – son of Dick
  • DJ – a believer of truth
  • Django – I awake
  • Doug – black river
  • Douglas – dark, black; stream; green
  • Drake – dragon, snake
  • Drew – wise
  • Dudley – dry field
  • Duncan – dark-haired warrior
  • Dustin – brave fighter
  • Dwight – white or blonde
  • Dylan – son of the sea

People Names for Girl Dogs

  • Daisy – day’s eye
  • Dakota – friend, friendly, ally
  • Daniella – God is my judge
  • Danielle – God is my judge
  • Daphne – laurel tree
  • Darcy – dark
  • Darla – darling
  • Dawn – daybreak; first appearance of light
  • Debby – bee
  • Delilah – delicate
  • Della – noble
  • Demi – half
  • Dessy – gift of God
  • Destiny – destiny, fate
  • Dezzie – sent from God
  • Didi – warrior of the people
  • Dina – from the valley; judged
  • Dolly – gift of God
  • Dorine – gift
  • Dorothy – God’s gift
  • Dory – gilded

Descriptive Dog Names

  • Dally – to move slowly; goofing off
  • Dalmatian – a white dog with black spots
  • Dancer – one who dances
  • Dandy – excellent, good
  • Danish – relating to Denmark
  • Dank – damp, musty
  • Darling – sweet, beloved
  • Dash – to go in a hurry
  • Digger – one who digs
  • Dizzy – a feeling of spinning
  • Doberman – a large German breed dog
  • Dodger – one who uses tricks to avoid something
  • Dolce – a musical term meaning sweetly and softly
  • Dopey – confused, silly, disoriented
  • Downy – covered with fine hair or feathers; fluffy
  • Dozer – someone who falls asleep; a bulldozer
  • Dreamer – a person who dreams
  • Droopy – hanging down; lacking strength
  • Dug – the past tense of dig
  • Dulce – a Spanish word for candy; sweet

Dog Names From Pop Culture

  • Da Vinci – Leonardo Da Vinci, a painter, scientist, sculptor, and architect
  • Daffy – Daffy Duck is a Looney Toons character
  • Dagwood – a popular sandwich in South Africa; a Blondie comic character
  • Darwin – Charles Darwin, scientist known for the theory of evolution
  • Dasher – one of Santa Claus’s reindeer
  • Dewey – Melvil Dewey created the Dewey Decimal Classification for books
  • Dex – a system that allows mobile phone users to use their phone as a desktop computer
  • Digby – a character in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • Dilbert – the main character in the comic strip, Dilbert
  • Dipsy – a character from Teletubbies; can also mean “dipstick”
  • Disco – a genre of music from the 1970s
  • Disney – The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923
  • Dobby – a character from the Harry Potter series
  • Dolittle – The Story of Doctor Dolittle is a children’s story from the 1920s that has been reimagined as several films
  • Domino – a game piece made of tile
  • Donner – one of Santa Claus’s reindeer
  • Draco – a character from the Harry Potter series
  • Dracula – an 1897 novel that has been turned into countless TV shows and films
  • Duffy – a Disney theme park character; a singer-songwriter
  • Dunkin – a popular donut shop formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts

Cute Dog Names

  • Daisy Mae – day’s eye and bitter or pearl
  • Dandelion – an herb typically considered a weed
  • Dazzle – brightness; to blind
  • Diamond – the hardest naturally occurring substance; a precious stone
  • Dimples – a small indentation in the skin, often around a smile
  • Diva – famous female singer; a self-important person
  • Donut – a ring-shaped fried cake
  • Doodle – to scribble
  • Doozy – unique, outstanding
  • Dot – a speck; a small spot
  • Dottie – a nickname; alternate spelling of dotty, meaning absurd or eccentric
  • Dove – a small bird
  • Dream – thoughts or images occurring during sleep
  • Duchess – the highest hereditary title
  • Dusty – muted color; covered with dust

Cool Dog Names

  • Dagger – a short knife
  • Dallas – a large city in Texas
  • Danger – something that may cause harm
  • Dax – a nickname; a city in France
  • Dealer – a person or business who sells products
  • Decker – specifies a number of layers, such as double-decker
  • Deputy – person appointed to assist someone, such as deputy to the sheriff
  • Dice – a small cube with dots numbering one through six
  • Diesel – a type of fuel
  • Dingo – a wild or partly domesticated dog in Australia
  • Doc – a nickname for a doctor
  • Dude – informal term referencing a man; can be gender-neutral
  • Duke – the highest hereditary title; to fight

Unique Dog Names

  • Debit – an amount owed
  • December – the twelfth month of the year
  • Deity – a god or goddess; supreme being
  • Demon – evil spirit
  • Denim – a sturdy cotton fabric used for jeans
  • Derby – a horse race; a bowler hat
  • Detonator – a device used to set off an explosive
  • Deuce – the two on playing cards or dice
  • Devil – evil spirit
  • Ding Dong – the sounds of a bell; a silly person; a Hostess brand cupcake
  • Dino – a shortened word for dinosaur
  • Dio – the Italian word for “God”
  • Diogee – the spelling of dog: D-O-G
  • Dodo – an extinct bird; old informal phrase used to call someone useless or silly
  • Dog – a mammal with a snout and claws that can bark or howl
  • Doggie – a nickname for dogs
  • Dollar – a type of currency used in several countries
  • Dublin – the capital of Ireland
  • Dumpling – a ball of dough stuffed with meat or vegetables
  • Dunk – to dip; to make the basketball into the net
  • Dyson – a brand that makes vacuums, air purifiers, and other gadgets

Final Thoughts

Be sure to pick a name that is well-suited for your pup. Of course, giving a tiny dog a big name like Detonator is comical, so you can always choose to go the opposite direction. Whichever name you choose, make sure that you like it enough so you can train your dog to come to you when they’re called.

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