Amazing Dog Names That Start With A

Amazing Dog Names That Start With A

Your new four-legged friend has undoubtedly claimed first place in your heart, so why not honor them by giving them a name that starts with A, the first letter in the alphabet?

In numerology, the letter A is also associated with individualism, independence, and creativity, making it apt for a pooch with a stubborn streak or that loves making abstract mud art (aka digging holes in your garden).

Of course, names that start with A aren’t limited to furry companions with those personalities; there are tons of awesome A names out there for every pup. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve gathered over 200 A-name ideas in this article, including adventurous, adorable, and amusing ones.

Before you set off on your name-finding adventure, make sure to check out our handy naming tips down below.

Amazing Dog Names That Start With A

We’ll start off with some amazing pooch names that we feel deserve center stage.

For Males

  • Adonis: Meaning handsome.
  • Aiden: Meaning little fire.
  • Alphie: Meaning noble.
  • Apollo: Greek god of sun, truth, and healing.
  • Argos: Meaning vigilant guardian.
  • Ari: Meaning lion of god.
  • Arley: Meaning from the hare meadow.
  • Arlo: Meaning fortified hill.
  • Astraeus: Greek god of dusk and winds.
  • Austin: Meaning great.
  • Axel: Meaning peaceful.
  • Aang: From Avatar: The Last Airbender.

For Females

  • Abbie: Meaning joy.
  • Ahsoka: From the Star Wars
  • Aimée: Meaning beloved.
  • Aisha: Meaning prosperous.
  • Alessa: Meaning defender.
  • Amara: Meaning everlasting.
  • Amira: Meaning princess.
  • Angie: Meaning messenger of God.
  • Arabella: Meaning prayerful.
  • Aria: Meaning melody.
  • Aster: Meaning star.
  • Azure


  • Addie: Meaning noble.
  • Aero: Meaning of the sky.
  • Alaska
  • Alba: Meaning white.
  • Alexis: Meaning helper.
  • Arty
  • Ashes

Alpha Dog Names That Start With A

If your furry companion is all bark and no bite, honor their alpha-wannabe nature with these badass names that start with A. Even if your dog is anything but alpha, a tough-sounding moniker can still work since it’ll make for some hilarious irony.

  • Ace
  • Achilles: Legendary Greek hero, considered the greatest warrior.
  • Admiral
  • Agatha: Evil witch from
  • Ajax: Hero from Homer’s
  • Alaric: Meaning all-powerful ruler.
  • Ali: After renowned boxer Muhammad Ali.
  • Alpha
  • Alvin: After Alvin York, one of the most decorated U.S. soldiers during WW1.
  • Ammo
  • Anakin: Badass villain from Star Wars.
  • Anarchy
  • Anubis: Egyptian god of the afterlife.
  • Archer
  • Ares: Greek god of warfare.
  • Armor
  • Arrow
  • Artemis: Greek goddess of the hunt.
  • Arya: From Game of Thrones.
  • Ash
  • Aslan: From The Chronicles of Narnia.
  • Athena: Greek goddess of war.
  • Atoq: Antagonist from the game
  • Attitude
  • Avalanche
  • Axe
  • Aza: Meaning powerful.

Amusing Dog Names That Start With A

Pug wearing lion mane

Dogs are stand-up comedians in fluffy, cuddlable form. From their slobbery, goofy smiles to their tail-chasing antics, they make us laugh in so many ways. If your four-legged friend is a natural comedy genius, give them one of these giggle-inducing names.

  • Abomasnow: After the Pokémon.
  • Abra: Short for Abracadabra.
  • Abrahound Lincoln: Pun on Abraham Lincoln.
  • Abu: Monkey from
  • Achoo: Bless you!
  • Affogato: Coffee-based ice-cream dessert.
  • Agent K9
  • Al Capooch: Pun on Al Capone.
  • Aladdin: From
  • Alakazam: After the Pokémon.
  • Alchemy
  • Alfred Hitchdog: Pun on Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Alfredo
  • Algae
  • Andy Warhowl: Pun on artist Andy Warhol.
  • Antic
  • Applejack: After the alcoholic beverage.
  • Archibald
  • Armadillo
  • Armageddon
  • Armani: After the luxury brand.
  • Artichoke
  • Artoo Dogtoo: Pun on R2-D2.
  • Atari
  • Autowoofer
  • Avocado

Adorable Dog Names That Start With A

Does your adorable pup make you instinctively squee and coo every time you see them? Then you’ll definitely appreciate these aww-worthy names that start with A.

Before we continue, though, here’s an interesting and fun fact: dogs seem so cute to us because they remind us of human babies. With their pudgy bodies, round heads, and doe-like eyes, it’s not hard to imagine why!

  • Abby: Meaning gives joy.
  • Acorn
  • Adelyn: Meaning noble.
  • Adora: Meaning adored.
  • Adzuki: After the bean.
  • Aggie: Meaning pure, good.
  • Aiko: Meaning little loved one.
  • Aimi: Meaning beautiful love.
  • AJ
  • Alf
  • Alfie: Meaning wise.
  • Allie: Meaning harmony.
  • Almond
  • Amari: Meaning eternal.
  • Amber
  • Ami: Meaning friend.
  • Amka: Meaning kind spirit.
  • Amore: Meaning love.
  • Amumu: From League of Legends.
  • Angel
  • Anna: From
  • Appa: From Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Apple
  • Apricot
  • April
  • Artie: Meaning bear.
  • Ashley: Meaning ash tree meadow.
  • Attila
  • Auggie: Meaning magnificent and great.
  • Aura
  • Autumn:
  • Ava

Adventurous Dog Names That Start With A

If your furry pal has Indiana Bones spirit, honor their adventure-loving nature with these names. We’ve taken inspiration from real and fictional adventurers and thrown in some monikers that connote excitement, bravery, and exploration.

  • Aaron: Meaning high mountain.
  • Abel: After Dutch explorer and seafarer Abel Tasman.
  • Adze: A thin cutting tool used in climbing.
  • Aila: Meaning from a strong place.
  • Alex: After Alex Honnold, famous for being the only rock climber to have free solo-climbed El Cap.
  • Alexander: After famous Scottish explorer Alexander Mackenzie.
  • Algarve: A region in Portugal famous for its beauty and stunning beaches.
  • Alice: From Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
  • Alison: After Alison Hargreaves, a famous mountaineer who scaled the highest mountains in the world.
  • Allan: After Allan Quatermain, adventurer from King Solomon’s Mines.
  • Aloha: After explorer Aloha Wanderwell, the “world’s most widely traveled woman.”
  • Alpine
  • Altimeter: A device that measures altitude.
  • Amalfi: After the idyllic Amalfi coast.
  • Amazon: After the legendary Amazon rainforest.
  • Amelia: After world famous aviator Amelia Earhart.
  • Amerigo: After renowned explorer Amerigo Vespucci.
  • Anchor
  • Andrea: Meaning brave.
  • Andrew: Meaning strong.
  • Andrzej: After Andrzej Bargiel, first person ever to descend K2 on skies.
  • Annie: After adventurer and suffragist Annie Peck.
  • Antelope: After Antelope Canyon.
  • Archie: Meaning truly brave.
  • Arctic
  • Ariadne: From
  • Ariel: From The Little Mermaid.
  • Arno: From Assassin’s Creed.
  • Aron: After adventurer Aron Ralston, renowned for miraculously managing to survive a horrific canyoneering accident. His ordeal inspired the movie 127 Hours.
  • Arwen: From The Lord of the Rings.
  • Ascend
  • Aspen
  • Astrid: From How to Train Your Dragon.
  • Asuna: From Sword Art Online.
  • Atlantis: After the legendary lost city.
  • Atlas
  • Auditore: After Ezio Auditore, from Assassin’s Creed.
  • Aurora: After the natural wonder aurora borealis.
  • Avalon: Legendary island from Arthurian legend.
  • Avantura: “Adventurer” in Croatian.
  • Aveline: From Assassin’s Creed.
  • Ayame: From
  • Aziza: Meaning mighty and beloved.

Archaic Dog Names That Start With A

It’s 2024, and vintage is in. So, why not give your stylish furbaby a vintage dog name that starts with A? From Agnes to Audrey, there are plenty of old-fashioned A names that have recently risen in popularity.

  • Abner: Meaning father of light.
  • Abraham: Meaning father of many.
  • Ackley: Meaning oak meadow.
  • Ada
  • Adelaide: Meaning noble natured.
  • Adger: Meaning blessed spear.
  • Agnes: Meaning pure.
  • Aiken: Meaning made of oak.
  • Alda: Meaning prosperous.
  • Alfred: Meaning wise.
  • Allegra: Meaning joyful.
  • Alma: Meaning nurturing, soul.
  • Alphonse: Meaning ready for battle.
  • Ambrose: Meaning immortal.
  • Anette: Meaning grace.
  • Angus: Meaning one strength.
  • Anne: From Anne of Green Gables.
  • Arthur: Meaning bear.
  • Asher: Meaning blessed.
  • Ashton
  • Atticus: FromTo Kill a Mockingbird.
  • Audrey: Meaning noble strength.
  • August
  • Augustus: Meaning majestic.
  • Aurelia: Meaning golden one.
  • Avis: Meaning bird.

Additional Dog Names That Start With A

These A names don’t exactly fit into the categories above, but they are still awesome nonetheless and would fit any bundle of fluff.

  • Abacus
  • Acai
  • Adele: Meaning noble.
  • Agate
  • Agathi: Meaning good.
  • Aki: Meaning fall.
  • Akila: Meaning eagle.
  • Akira: Meaning sunlight.
  • Albert: After Albert Einstein.
  • Aldrin: After former astronaut Buzz Aldrin.
  • Alexa: Meaning defender of man.
  • Alexei: After cosmonaut Alexei Leonov.
  • Allegory
  • Allure
  • Amadeus: Meaning love god.
  • Amethyst
  • Amigo: Meaning friend.
  • Amino
  • Amp
  • Apache
  • Aphrodite: Greek goddess of love and beauty.
  • Archimedes: After the famous Greek mathematician and astronomer.
  • Argon
  • Aries
  • Aristocrat
  • Aristotle: After the famous philosopher.
  • Armstrong: After astronaut Neil Armstrong – “that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
  • Assam
  • Astatine
  • Asteria: Meaning star.
  • Asteroid
  • Astro: Short for astronomer.
  • Atara: Meaning crown.
  • Atom
  • Axis
  • Aziel: Meaning God is my strength.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Moniker

Man hugging Labrador

There is a lot to consider when picking out your furry friend’s name, besides their personality. For starters, it has to be a name you’ll have no problem saying aloud. While you might love to say the hilarious name “Agent K9” in the comfort of your home—if you find it too embarrassing to say in public—it’s a no-go.

Another consideration is how many syllables the name has. Ideally, you don’t want to pick a name with more than four or five syllables. Lengthy names are more confusing and harder for your dog to recognize. You should also ensure the name can’t get muddled up with commands – “Ay” is cute and snappy, but it also sounds a lot like “stay.”

Finally, make sure it’s a name the whole family can agree on, and your kids can pronounce. Otherwise, arguments are bound to happen, and your pooch will probably be bestowed numerous nicknames, leaving them utterly confused.

For further naming tips, check out Rover’s in-depth guide.

Picking a Name for Your Amazing Furry Companion

Whether you’re bringing home a new pup from a litter or adopting from your local shelter, you’ll need a name that rolls off the tongue, suits your tastes, and complements your furbaby’s personality.

At times, finding the perfect name can feel like embarking on an adventure without a map – there are plenty of paths, and the “right” path can be hard to determine. Luckily, you won’t need to venture mapless. Above, you’ll find tons of A-name suggestions to explore, and we’ve also included handy naming tips to help you out.

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