The 10 Best Cat Hammocks to Buy in 2023

The 10 Best Cat Hammocks to Buy in 2023

Cat hammocks provide your adorable kitty with the perfect place to perch and relax where they won’t knock over glasses or push all the keys on your laptop. The best cat hammock will give your cat a place to nap that feels both comfy and secure.

What to Look for When Buying a Cat Hammock

When shopping for a cat hammock, the first thing you need to decide is which type of hammock your cat needs. Once you’ve picked the right type, you need to consider specific features like the size, weight capacity, and so on. Here’s a quick break down of what factors will go into your decision:

Type of Hammock

While there are a huge number of cat hammock designs, they can all be broadly classified as one of three types: window hammocks, tower hammocks, or cage hammocks. Here are the fundamental differences between those three:

Window Hammock

Window hammocks are small, cushioned platforms that can be mounted directly onto a window or door. They are usually secured to the window using suction cups. Because of this, it is very important to make sure the hammock is able to support the weight of your cat.

These are a great choice for indoor cats or cats that enjoy looking out the window.

Tower Hammock

Tower hammocks come in a wide variety of designs. However, they generally include some kind of hammock supported by a set of scratching posts or climbing platforms. These tend to be sturdier and more versatile than window or cage hammocks.

This makes them a great choice if you have more than one cat. They’re also good if you have limited space and want to get something that combines toys or other features in one compact design.

Cat Trees With Hammocks

If you like the format of a tower hammock but want to save space by combining its main feature into a cat tree, purchasing a cat tree with a hammock might be a good choice. Not only will your cats love you for it, but you’ll love that you can save floor space by combining both of your kitty’s favorite pieces of furniture into one.

Cage Hammock

Cage hammocks are simple pieces of fabric that can be mounted to a cat carrier, chair, or other piece of furniture. They hang from this structure and provide a secure, comfortable space for your cat to relax.

These are the best choice for owners in need of something portable. If you take your cat on trips, you can bring their favorite cage hammock and mount it to a chair or stool wherever you go. This way, your cat always has a familiar place to rest and feel at home.

Hammock Features

Once you know the type of hammock you need, you should decide on specific features and design elements of that type that are important to you. This includes factors like the amount of weight it can support, how accessible it is, and what added features it includes.

Weight Capacity

To ensure safety, you need to make sure the cat hammock is built to support your cat’s weight. This is especially important with window hammocks which can become detached and fall if there is too much weight on them.


The ideal size of your cat hammock depends mostly on how many cats you have. For a single cat, something smaller will allow it to feel more secure. For multiple cats, something large enough to be comfortably shared is a better choice.


Your cat hammock needs to be easily accessible for your cat. Kittens or older cats that can’t jump too high need something lower to the ground. More playful and agile cats, meanwhile, will probably appreciate something higher up that takes some climbing or jumping to get to.

Added Features

While window and cage hammocks rarely come with added features, tower hammocks almost always come with a little something extra. That might be a plush toy, a scratching post, climbable platforms, or all three.

If you have a cat that scratches, a tower hammock with built-in scratching posts is a great option. Cats scratch because it relaxes them and marks their territory, so being able to do it near their favorite napping spot (the hammock) is a great way to control this behavior.

If you’re shopping for your first cat hammock, you might be surprised at just how many options there are. This guide will help you navigate your different options, discuss the top 10 hammocks available, and make choosing the best one for your cat a breeze.

Top 10 Best Cat Hammocks 2023

1. Best Overall Cat Hammock: Furhaven Pet Cat Tree Perch

Furhaven Pet Cat Tree Perch

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: The soft fur-textured hammock is held up by scratching posts and includes a scratching brush and plush toy to help create the perfect multi-purpose home for your cat.

Quick Facts

  • Type: Tower hammock
  • Extra Features: Self-grooming brush, plush toy

The tower hammock from Furhaven boasts a soothing, fur-textured hammock supported by bark-like scratching posts. With the added self-grooming brush, the faux-fur base and the plush toy, you can tell the designers of this cat hammock know cats well.

Size and Capacity

The sturdy base and fiber-wrapped posts are durable enough to support the weight of even the chubbiest cat. The hammock itself is also wide and deep enough to allow a chunkier kitty to sit comfortably without spilling over the edges.


There is a lot of attention to detail in this design. Our favorite example of this is the plush faux-fur surface. This closely mimics the texture of actual cat fur so your kitty will feel like its cozying up with a fellow cat.

Another feature of the construction that we like is the sisal fiber wrapping on the scratching posts. This gives the posts a texture similar to tree bark, which is what your cat would most likely want to scratch out in the wild.

Other Features

For its compact size, it still manages to pack in a few extra features that are tailored to a cat’s needs. In addition to the scratching posts mentioned earlier, there’s also a dangling plush toy that your cat can get hours of entertainment from.

While that toy is liable to fall off easily, especially if your cat is more aggressive, it is a pretty easy fix. Even if you decide not to sew it back on, the rest of the tower is durable and still fully functional without it.

If you want something with a more securely fitted plush toy, consider the AmazonBasics Cat Tree.

What makes this design most unique, though, is the self-grooming brush. On the base of the tower hammock, you will see an arched brush that looks like a wire scrub brush. Your cat will be able to rub against this or walk through the arch to scratch and brush those hard to reach places.


  • Plush faux-fur surface mimics actual cat fur
  • Unique arched brush for self-grooming
  • Dozens of different designs and color options available


  • The plush toy seems to fall off pretty quickly

2. Best Premium Cat Hammock: BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo

BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: This tower hammock is roomy, soft, and full of interesting things to scratch or play with.

Quick Facts

  • Type: Cat tree
  • Extra Features: Window, rope, plush toys

The Bewishome cat tree condo is a great example of what a luxury cat hammock can offer. There are five tiers, each boasting either a platform, house, or hammock. Then, there are two plush toys and a rope to keep your cats entertained.

Size and Capacity

The sturdy base is built to support this large tower hammock. It can comfortably fit about six adult cats without wobbling or caving in. The hammock that comes with this tower is large enough to support one chunky cat, two regular adults, or 3-4 kittens.


The heavy-duty base supports a variety of pillars that are each wrapped in a combination of sisal and faux-fur plush. This gives your cat a variety of textures to scratch so they can pick their preference.

For added stability, the tower comes with an anchor strap that you can attach to the wall. This is a useful feature if you expect to have multiple cats jumping and climbing all over this tower.

Other Features

The most impressive extra features on this tower hammock are the two roomy houses. One of these even includes a small window your cat can look through. These are both covered in the same plush material that the hammock is made out of.

There are also multiple toys, including two standard plush toys and a hanging rope. The rope will not only entertain your cat but also provide an additional material for scratching.


  • Many roomy platforms and houses
  • Scratching posts with multiple textures
  • Extra plush material
  • Multiple toys


  • At 57 inches in height, this may be too large to fit comfortably in your living room or bedroom

3. Best Budget Cat Hammock: Trixie Baza Grande Cat Tree with Hammock

Trixie Baza Grande Cat Tree with Hammock

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: The soft and spacious hammock here is just what your cat needs and it’s attractive enough to look nice in your living room or bedroom.

Quick Facts

  • Type: Tower hammock
  • Extra Features: Scratching post, plush toy

This is a basic but well-built tower hammock that will provide plenty of room for your cat to lounge the day away. The soft cream color and compact design also makes it a beautiful addition to your room’s décor.

That’s a good thing since a lot of cats prefer their napping spots to be in clear view of their owners.

Size and Capacity

Despite its smaller size, this tower hammock is actually pretty heavy-duty. It can support up to two adult cats inside the hammock. This is partly due to the wire rim along the outer edge of the hammock.

This rim provides additional support and helps stabilize the cats as they nap in the hammock. Because of this, it is less likely to tip or wobble as they nap.


The wire rim mentioned above is also an example of this tower hammock’s sturdy design. The base further helps to stabilize the structure. In addition to stability, this design is very comfortable.

The fur-like material of the hammock mimics the sensation of cuddling up with another cat. So, while this can definitely support two cats, it’s also a good pick for the lone cat that might need some additional sense of comfort while you’re at work.

Other Features

The scratching posts are a great extra feature that provides an additional means of relaxation for your cat. However, the plush toy provided is not that remarkable.

The string that attaches this toy to the structure seems to be only weakly sewn on. If you have some basic sewing skills, you might consider reinforcing the stitching or even replacing the string with a more durable one.


  • Compact, elegant design
  • Plush, fur-like material
  • Sisal-wrapped scratching posts
  • Metal rim lining the hammock for additional support


  • The dangling plush toy falls off easily, even with moderate play

4. Best Multi-Cat Window Hammock: Angela&Alex Window Cat Bed

Angela&Alex Window Cat Bed

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: The heavy-duty design allows this hammock to support more weight than most window hammocks on the market.

Quick Facts

  • Type: Window hammock
  • Extra Features: No

Strong enough for up to two cats, this window hammock from Angela & Alex is one of the most heavy-duty designs we’ve come across. It’s ideal for indoor cats who want to keep an eye on their neighborhood.

Size and Capacity

With any window hammock, weight capacity is an essential factor to consider. This model is a great example of what a quality, heavy-duty window hammock should look like.

It can support up to 55 pounds. This means two average-sized cats, or a litter of adorable kittens could fit on this without a problem. It also means your cats can jump in and out without causing the hammock to fall from the pressure of the jumping.


What makes this window hammock capable of withstanding a higher capacity than most others is the durable design. The industrial strength suction cups are graded for up to 60 pounds of weight.

The steel wiring is also strong enough to support that weight. It has the added benefit of being chew-proof which is a great feature if you have a cat with a chewing habit.

Finally, the hammock itself is made from a breathable cloth that won’t overheat, even if it’s sitting in direct sunlight all day. Considering it will be mounted to your window, this is an important feature to have.

Other Features

This is a basic window perch with no other features. Because it is mounted to a window, it provides your cat with a bird’s eye view of the world outside. So, the lack of toys or scratching posts is less of an issue. Your cat will already be plenty entertained.

It’s also so compact and out of the way. So, your home won’t feel cluttered if you need to get a separate scratching post or a couple small toys to entertain your kitty when it’s not keeping watch on the local birds.


  • Heavy-duty 55-pound capacity
  • Chew-proof steel wiring
  • Industrial-strength suction cups for secure support


  • This window perch comes with no added features to stimulate your cat

5. Best Portable Cat Hammock: NOYAL Cat Resting Window Hammock

NOYAL Cat Resting Window Hammock

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: The chew-proof wiring and the sturdy base make this a reliable window hammock for a single cat.

Quick Facts

  • Type: Window hammock
  • Extra Features: No

This is a solid, well-built window hammock that provides all the benefits you expect from this type. Your cat will be able to lounge securely while staring out of their favorite window or napping the day away.

Size and Capacity

The 30-pound capacity of this window hammock is fairly standard for this type. This makes it perfectly suited to a single cat. If you have more than one, you’ll probably need to get separate hammocks for each. But given how affordable these are, that’s not an unrealistic plan.


This is a good design for a window hammock. It has some important features that you want to look for like steel wiring that your cat won’t be able to chew through. It also has industrial strength suction cups that will stay attached to the window or door once you securely place them.

The breathable fabric is important in a window hammock design since they are liable to overheat. However, it is on the thinner side. So, your cat may not feel comfortable enough to lounge here for hours.

That’s an easy fix, though. You can add your cat’s favorite blanket or pillow to the hammock to provide more comfort. As long as the combined weight of your cat and the added blanket don’t exceed the 30-pound capacity, you’re fine.


  • Chew-proof steel wiring, cased in durable PVC rope provides great support
  • Up to 30 pounds capacity is suitable for heavier cats
  • Breathable fabric doesn’t retain heat and is machine washable


  • While breathable, the fabric is also thin and not the most comfortable for a cat

6. Most Versatile Cat Hammock: SmartyKat Happy Hammock

SmartyKat Happy Hammock

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: This versatile design allows you to mount it in a variety of different locations which is convenient for traveling or small apartments with no room for a tower hammock.

Quick Facts

  • Type: Cage hammock
  • Extra Features: Feather toy

This simple cage hammock is ready to mount below your dining chair, stool, or anywhere else you can think to fit it. Wherever it ends up, your cat will be able to lie down and relax securely and privately.

Size and Capacity

Both the size and design of this hammock are tailored to a single cat. Once one is inside, a second cat would be hard pressed to climb in with it. So, if you do have a multi-cat household, you won’t have to worry about multiple cats piling on and overloading the hammock.


The strong nylon straps and soft lining make this a well-built cage hammock that offers security, support, and comfort. The way it wraps around your cat’s body as they rest in it helps provide a sense of safety and privacy that cats often need.

Because of its portable and versatile design, you can also take this with you anywhere. If you travel a lot with your cat, that means you always have something familiar that will make your kitty feel at home, no matter where you are.

However, as portable as it is, this isn’t the best at-home hammock. If you aren’t traveling a lot, you’d probably be better off investing in a hammock that offers more stability and support like this window perch.

Other Features

While most portable hammocks like this don’t include any extra features, this one does. There is a small feather toy attached to one of the inside corners. This unique little add-on provides some entertainment, which may be much appreciated on long car rides.


  • Versatile design can be adapted to most furniture
  • Includes a small feather toy
  • Durable yet comfortable materials


  • Not an ideal design for daily home use

7. Best Multi-Cat Cat Tree with Hammock: AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform

AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: This is a great tower hammock for a multi-cat home that offers a clean, attractive design that will complement the room’s existing décor.

Quick Facts

  • Type: Cat
  • Extra Features: Plush toys, optional step ladder

With four different levels, a covered house, and multiple platforms for lounging, this design is ideal for the multi-cat home. There are also lots of features and additions to keep your cats entertained and mentally stimulated.

Size and Capacity

This is a tall, multi-level design that is intended for a home with lots of cats. It will comfortably support up to four, depending on their size. So, you definitely won’t have to worry about weight capacity with this tower hammock.

Because it stands at nearly 54 inches high, you might not be able to find a place for it in a smaller home. In that case, you might prefer a more compact design like this one.


This tower hammock is built well. The posts that support the structure are durable and wrapped in sisal material. This provides plenty of opportunities for your cat to scratch. The little house on the third level is another great addition that allows your cat to survey its surroundings while staying safely concealed inside a covered area.

The hammock itself, however, is narrow. This is fine if your cat is of average size and weight. However, for larger cats or cats that will want to cuddle in a single hammock together, you should consider a larger hammock.

Other Features

One of the most unique features about this design is the fact that the plush toys can be screwed in. With larger or more aggressive cats, those dangling plush toys are usually the first thing to go on a cat hammock.

This screw-in design makes them more durable and able to withstand aggressive play. If your cat does manage to tear it off, it’s easy enough to reattach it to the base. Just reattach it to the screw and screw that back into the base.

For cats that have difficulties with climbing or jumping, you can opt for a step ladder version of this design. The step ladder is an easy to use ramp that kittens and older cats can use to get onto the platforms.


  • Lots of platforms and posts ideal for multiple cats
  • Removable screw-in plush toys
  • Covered cat house included at the top
  • Step ladder version available for cats with difficulty climbing


  • The hammock feature itself is on the smaller side which may not be big enough for your heavier cats
  • The 4-tiered tower may be too tall for smaller homes

8. Best Hammock for Small Cats: PetPawJoy Cat Window Perch

PetPawJoy Cat Window Perch

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: This window hammock is easy to assemble and easy to clean, making it a convenient option for all cat owners.

Quick Facts

  • Type: Window hammock
  • Extra Features: No

These compact window hammocks from PetPawJoy are an affordable, space-saving option that your cat can comfortably lounge in all day long. The quick assembly and machine-washable fabric lining are what really set this hammock apart, though.

Size and Capacity

This window hammock is rated to support up to 30 pounds. So, a cat of any size can fit on here. Even a more active cat that likes to jump in and out or stand on the hammock will be able to do so without risking the whole structure falling over.


This hammock is constructed with durable, long-lasting pieces that are really easy to assemble. The hammock comes with clear, easy-to-follow instructions that will help you put it all together in a matter of minutes.

We also appreciate that you can remove the fabric lining and throw it in the washing machine. In fact, you could even skip that and just take the brush hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner to this hammock every once in a while.

Because of the material, this hammock doesn’t build up excess fur as much as other hammocks will. So, there’s also just less cleaning required in general.

With that said, there are some drawbacks to the material. Because it is so thin, it doesn’t provide much comfort. Cats usually prefer plush, fur-like materials for longer naps. You can fix this by adding a thin pillow or plush blanket to the window hammock.


  • Removable, machine washable fabric
  • Easy assembly
  • Supports up to 30 pounds
  • Safe to mount on windows and doors


  • The thin fabric provides little in the way of comfort

9. Best Hammock for Large Cats: Paws & Pals 3-in-1 Cat Scratching Post with Hammock

Paws & Pals 3-in-1 Cat Scratching Post with Hammock

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: Simple yet sturdy, this tower hammock offers a good minimalist design and a roomy hammock for your cat.

Quick Facts

  • Type: Tower hammock
  • Extra Features: Plush toy

This tall tower hammock is great for both relaxation and exercise. The slightly higher posts put this hammock just high enough to require your cat to jump into it. That jumping in and out adds some exercise into your cat’s routine.

When your cat is tired of the workout, it can nap inside the cozy hammock as long as they need to. It’s a good, spacious cat hammock with no bells and whistles but a very sturdy design.

Size and Capacity

The best thing about this hammock has to be the extra spacious design. The wide rim provides a lot of space and more opportunity to sink down into it. Even a heavier set kitty will be able to curl up inside this hammock without falling over the edge.

This spacious size along with the sturdy base means you can comfortably fit up to two adult cats inside this tower hammock.


The base is stable enough to offer wobble-free support to that large hammock with up to two cats inside. The extra long pillars also provide plenty of space for scratching. Your cat may even enjoy scratching the carpeting on the base. So, they will have a couple of textures to choose from.

While the hammock lining is soft, we would have preferred to see something a little more fur-like in texture. This isn’t a dealbreaker, though.

Just place your cat’s favorite blanket or pillow inside the hammock for added comfort. The hammock itself is definitely roomy enough and stable enough to accommodate the added cushioning.

A less easy fix is the height. For cats that are either too young or too old to jump high, this may be a difficult hammock to get in and out of. You’d be better off with a shorter tower hammock or a window hammock mounted low down on a window or wall.


  • Extra roomy hammock for up to two cats
  • Extra tall scratching posts
  • The added height builds some exercise into your cat’s routine


  • Hammock material is not as plush or fur-like as cats usually prefer
  • The extra height may not be suited to cats who aren’t agile enough to jump

10. Best Portable Cage Hammock: JOYELF Cat Hammock Bed Pet Cage Hammock

JOYELF Cat Hammock Bed Pet Cage Hammock

Editor’s Rating:

Why we like it: This is a convenient cage hammock that can be pulled out for transport and easily folded up and put away when you don’t need it.

Quick Facts

  • Type: Cage hammock
  • Extra Features: No

This is a reliable hammock for what it is. It offers a solid construction, sturdy clips, and a comfortable lining. It also offers some versatility with the reversible base. It’s a great pick for the owner looking for something they can add to their travel carrier to provide additional security and comfort for their cat.

Size and Capacity

This is a light-weight hammock. It can support a single adult cat, but it might not be roomy enough for a heavier adult. With that said, it is sturdy and durable so an adult cat of average weight will be very secure and comfortable in this hammock.


The heavy-duty metal buckles clip securely to cage bars and won’t let your cat fall. We also like the faux fur material that provides a comforting base for your cat to sleep on. The option to flip it over and use the waterproof side for a cooler surface in hot weather is an added perk.

This makes it a great choice for transporting your kitty in all seasons of the year.

However, this still lacks the versatility we prefer to see in cage hammock designs. Because of the clips, you are limited in the places you can mount this. You are even limited in terms of which types of carriers you can mount this to. So, if you don’t have an actual cage carrier with bars, this will not be the most practical option.

For at-home use, there are few pieces of furniture this could be mounted to. So, if you aren’t looking for something to use in an actual cage, consider a different type, like this window hammock.


  • Easy to fold up and put away when not in use
  • Durable, secure design
  • Dual-sided base provides cooling breathable fabric on one side and soft, cozy faux wool on the other


  • Not a good choice for at-home use

How to Choose the Best Cat Hammock for Your Home

There are a lot of different features to consider but it really comes down to your own cat’s needs. The better you understand your cat’s needs and preferences, the easier it will be to navigate those different features and decide exactly which is the best cat hammock for your pet.
cat playing on hammock


Size and Weight

In terms of safety, the size and weight of your cat are the most important factors to consider. You don’t want to buy a hammock that is not strong enough to support its weight. Most cat hammocks are designed to support the average, healthy house cat.

If your kitty is a bit on the chubby side, however, look for hammocks that are extra durable. Better yet, find one that is designed to support multiple cats just to be on the safe side.

If you have kittens, weight capacity won’t be as important, but height will be. If the hammock is mounted too high and there is no ramp or other means to get up to it, your small kittens may not be able to get into the hammock to enjoy it.

Health and Agility

Older cats and those with health conditions that reduce their ability to jump or climb need hammocks that are lower to the ground or that have ramps leading up to them.

If you are getting a window hammock, be sure to place it low on the window. You also may want to choose a window that is near a chair or shelf that you know they can get onto so that they can get to the hammock easily.


Is your cat curious and adventurous? Perhaps they are more the cautious or reserved type. Personality traits can strongly influence which kind of cat hammock your cat is most likely to enjoy.

A cautious or reserved cat will prefer something covered or that can be placed in a more concealed corner. The more adventurous cat will probably want something that’s perched up high or that includes lots of levels and platforms for jumping and climbing.

A playful cat will enjoy something with toys built into it so that it can entertain itself while it lounges.

A cat hammock with plenty of stimulating toys and opportunities for climbing and jumping can also provide exercise. This is really helpful if you have a cat that seems to become suddenly possessed by demons around 3:00 A.M each night.

If they have more opportunities to play and exercise during the day, this will help tire them out  so they sleep through the night. If it doesn’t get them to sleep, they might at least contain their demon-hour antics to the toy-filled cat hammock instead of knocking over your valuables.

Number of Cats

If you have more than one cat, you need to shop accordingly. While some cats don’t mind cuddling up with each other in a single hammock, you still need to make sure the construction is strong enough to handle their combined weight.

If your cats aren’t likely to share a single hammock, you should consider investing in a larger tower hammock with multiple seating options. You could also get two or more individual cat hammocks, but these can quickly clutter up your space.

So, if you’re in a smaller home, a single tower hammock that’s large enough to support multiple cats is a more compact option than a set of multiple hammocks.

Purpose of the Hammock

If you have a specific purpose in mind for the hammock, you definitely want to make sure you choose a type that can actually fulfill that purpose. For example, if you need something that you can use to soothe your cat while they are being taken to the vet, you definitely need a cage hammock.

If you want one your cat can use on a daily basis, a tower hammock is probably the best choice. Even though cage hammocks can often be mounted on chairs and other furniture, it’s unlikely you will want to leave these permanently fixed to those places.

A cat, however, thrives on consistency so you want your at-home hammock to be placed somewhere that it can stay for the long term. A tower hammock is ideal for this, but a window hammock can also do the trick.
cat on hammock looking out window

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Hammocks

Here are some answers to the most common questions owners have about their new cat hammocks:

Do Cats Like Hammocks?

While each cat is unique, they typically will all enjoy a cat hammock. This is because it satisfies their need to feel safely hidden and perched above their environment. Remember, your house cat descends from predators and probably still thinks of itself as a hunter.

In the wild, large cats will hide in trees or surrounded by tall grass as they stalk their prey. They like to be concealed and in a good position to pounce at a moment’s notice. A cat hammock provides those same advantages of being concealed and being in a good position to pounce.

So, in general, a hammock will satisfy your kitty’s inner hunting instincts. But you need to place it well. Try to channel your own inner predator. You want to be perched somewhere with a good view of the surrounding environment but sufficiently out of the way that you don’t feel exposed.

Where Do You Hang a Cat Hammock?

This depends on the style of hammock you choose. If you get a window hammock, it will most likely be held up by suction cups that stick directly to the window. Tower hammocks typically come with their own mounts and the hammock will hang from scratching posts or between platforms.

If you get a cage hammock, it will have straps or clips that either clip on to the cage bars or wrap around them.

Depending on the design, some cage hammocks can be mounted in a variety of locations. This cage hammock, for example, can be hung from a chair, a table, a stool, or anywhere else that you can think to fit it.

In terms of location in your home, remember that this hammock is fulfilling your kitty’s predator instincts. Don’t place the cat hammock front and center of the living room where they’ll be exposed. But don’t hide it behind a recliner either. Here are a few suggestions, based on the type of hammock you get:

  • Place a tower hammock beside a wall or in a corner opposite the couch or bed so that they can see you from the hammock.
  • Place a window hammock on the window your cat most often likes to sit by. If you haven’t noticed a favorite window, pick one with a busy scene below it. For example, the front window where your cat can watch cars go by and see your neighbors going for walks.
  • If you’re mounting a cage hammock to a chair, choose a chair that won’t get knocked around too much. Also, make sure that it’s one they can see you from. For example, mount it to a dining chair that has a view of the kitchen while you’re cooking.

What Kind of Hammock Do I Get for a Cat That Chews?

Cats that have a habit of chewing on things like strings or shoelaces may also chew through the straps that support their hammock. If you suspect your cat will probably want to chew on the strings, the safest option would be a tower hammock that isn’t supported by straps or ropes.

However, you don’t have to deprive your kitty of a cool window perch or a soothing cage hammock just because of their chewing habit.

You just need to factor this in when you consider which one to get. A window hammock supported by steel wiring will be fully chew-proof and still allow your cat to enjoy the view from the window.

How Do I Get My Cat to Use the Hammock?

If your cat doesn’t immediately take to the hammock, you may need to give it a little nudge in the right direction. One of the best ways to do this is to get something they already do enjoy like a blanket or pillow and place that in the hammock. They will be drawn to the familiar scent.

Other strategies to encourage your cat to use its new hammock include:

  • Pick them up and manually put them in the hammock. Do this regularly but don’t do it so much that you annoy your cat or make them feel like they’re being forced to stay. When they jump out, let them stay out. Repeat an hour or two later.
  • If your cat responds to cat nip, sprinkle some catnip on the hammock. By the same logic, you can use your cat’s favorite toys or treats to attract them to the hammock.
  • Put it in the right place. Pay attention to where your cat already likes to hang out. Pick their favorite room and their favorite location in that room. Put the cat hammock near this spot.
  • Make it the focus of play. Try to get the hammock involved in playtime. That might mean throwing the cat’s favorite toy onto the hammock or leading it up there with a string toy.

If they still just don’t take to it, you might need to experiment with different locations in your home. The two biggest reasons a cat doesn’t use a new hammock is because it either isn’t in the right location or it doesn’t have the cat’s scent on it yet.

Final Word

When choosing the best cat hammock, the most important factors to consider are its type, weight capacity, and accessibility. Once you’ve chosen one, your new cat hammock can provide your furry friend with the best place to relax, play, and feel safe. With so many different types, you’ll be able to find something that perfectly suits your cat’s physical needs and temperament!

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