100 Fantastic Dog Names That Start With F

100 Fantastic Dog Names That Start With F

Move over, Fido—there are a whole bunch of other dog names starting with F in town. After all, the newest (and most likely furriest) member of your family deserves a name that’s fun to say and one that fits their personality as well. With so many names to choose from, the process can be doggone overwhelming. That’s why we’ve taken a lot of the guesswork out for you by focusing on a single letter: the fantastic letter F.

We’ve divided our list of names into traditionally masculine, feminine, and unisex dog names and some interesting dog names complete with fun facts and all—though these categories shouldn’t confine you, pick whatever name fits your dog’s personality best!

Stick around to check out our owner-tested, dog-approved names, as we guarantee you’ll love what we’ve got for you.

Male Dog Names That Start With F

These names are great for dogs with masculine energy, as they manage to blend seriousness and silliness rather seamlessly. Whether you’re looking for something fierce or a name that’s funny, we bet it’s right here on this list—so keep reading!

Fabio – an Italian name that means ‘bean grower,’ also the namesake of the famous Italian model of the same name.

Falco – the Italian and Catalan word for ‘falcon.’

Fantom – an Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘a region enclosed by a dyke.’

Farley – a Middle English name that means ‘beautiful woodland.’

Faruk – from the Arabic that means ‘one who discerns between right and wrong.’

Feeny – derived from the Irish for ‘little raven.’

Fenrir – a Nordic name meaning ‘fenn dweller.’

Ferrari – the popular Italian luxury car brand, from the Italian surname ‘Ferraro,’ which means ‘blacksmith.’

Fidel – derived from the Latin name ‘Fidelis,’ meaning ‘faithful.’

Figaro – a French name meaning ‘barber.’

Finn – from the Irish meaning ‘white’ or ‘fair.’

Fjodor – from the ancient Greek for ‘gift from God.’

Flanagan – a Gaelic name that means ‘scarlet’ or ‘ruddy.’

Flash – an American name meaning ‘bright light.’

Fox – from the English for the wild, doglike animal.

Francisco – a Latin name meaning ‘freeman.’

Frankenstein – for the doctor who created a monster from various cadaver parts, also the protagonist of Mary Shelley’s book of the same name.

Franz – a Latin name meaning ‘Frenchman’ or ‘freeman.’

Fred – the English form of Freidrich, a German name that means ‘peaceful ruler.’

Frisbee – originally from a Connecticut bakery named Frisbie Pie Company, where workers tossed pie tins back and forth for fun; this led to the creation of the modern-day Frisbee.

Frisco – a Latin name also meaning ‘Frenchman’ or ‘freeman.’

Fritz – a variant of Friedrich, which also means ‘peaceful ruler.’

Frodo – the protagonist in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, originally a Germanic word meaning ‘wisdom.’

Froggy – an African-derived name that means ‘God is love.’

Fudge – an ancient Norman name from the German name ‘Fulcher,’ which means ‘the people’s army.’

Female Dog Names That Start With F

Now that the gents are out of the way, we can focus a little more on the ladies. These names range from fun to feisty, making them perfect for any kind of dog you welcome into your home.

Fairy – originally from the Latin ‘fatum,’ which means ‘the Fates.’

Faith – an American name that means ‘confidence, trust, and belief.’

Fala – from the Choctaw for ‘crow.’

Fanny – a diminutive of the Spanish name Estefany, which means ‘crown’; U.K. residents ought to steer clear of this name, though, as it’s British slang for a woman’s nether regions!

Farrah – an Arabic name that means ‘happiness’ and ‘joy.’

Faustina – a Latin name meaning ‘fortunate.’

Faye – derived from the Middle English ‘faie,’ which means ‘fairy.’

Felicia – a Latin name similar to Felicity, which also means ‘happy.’

Felicity – derived from the Latin ‘felicitus,’ which means ‘happiness.’

Fendi – the luxury Italian fashion house, also an Italian word that means ‘split.’

Fifi – a French name that means ‘God increases.’

Fila – from the Greek word for ‘loving.’

Fiona – thought to be a Latinized version of the Gaelic name ‘fionn,’ which means ‘white and fair.’

Flirt – describes a woman who uses her charm to seduce men, thought to be English in origin.

Flopsy – originally a word used to describe the floppiness of rabbit ears, now a popular name for pets of all kinds.

Flora – a Latin name that means ‘flower.’

Florence – a popular English name that means ‘blossoming.’

Flower – from the Old French ‘flour,’ describing a bud or blossom.

Fluffy – an English-American name meaning ‘a fun-loving young woman.’

Folly – from the Old French ‘folie,’ which means ‘madness.’

Fonda – for the famous 1980s workout guru and civil rights activist Jane Fonda.

Fran – the diminutive form of Francesca, which means ‘Frenchman’ in Italian.

Frankie – another diminutive form of Francesca, better for those looking for a name with a more androgynous feel.

Frieda – A Germanic name meaning ‘peace,’ which is popular in central and Eastern Europe.

Fusa – a Japanese name that means ‘cluster’ and ‘room.’

Unisex Dog Names That Start With F

These names are suitable for every dog. Whether you have a little lass or a rambunctious guy pup on your hands, these names are sure to suit them either way. Interestingly, you’ll find a lot of food items on here, as there’s something universally fitting about a food item as a dog’s name.

Falafel – an Arabic word describing ‘a small and tasty thing.’

Fang – a Chinese name meaning ‘fragrant wind.’

Fanta – from the German word ‘fantasie,’ which means ‘imagination.’

Ferdie – an Old German name that means ‘bold voyager.’

Fido – a Latin-derived name that means ‘to trust, believe, or confide in.’

Fiji – the small country in Oceania, the name in itself means ‘great.’

Fire – from the Old English ‘fyr.’

Fireball – the cinnamon-flavored liquor we all should have avoided in college, originally from the English meaning ‘sweet.’

Fitz – a Scottish name meaning ‘son of.’

Flame – from the Latin ‘flamma,’ which means flame.

Flapjack – a 17th-century English slang word meaning ‘to toss a pancake.’

Fleck – another Old Norse-derived word that means ‘patch or spot.’

Florida – the southernmost U.S. state, from the Spanish ‘La Florida,’ or ‘the place abounding with flowers.’

Folder – an American word describing ‘something that folds.’

Fontana – a French name that means ‘fountain’ or ‘water source.’

Foz – from the Latin word ‘faux,’ which describes the mouth of the river Masma.

Freckle – from the Old Norse ‘freknur,’ describing the small brownish spots on the skin.

Freeway – an American word describing a toll-free highway.

Fresco – an Italian name meaning ‘fresh air.’

Friday – an Old English word meaning ‘day of Frige,’ or the Germanic goddess Frigg, who is the counterpart of the Roman goddess Venus.

Frosty – a Germanic name meaning ‘one who is cool and/or frozen.’

Fruity – a word describing something resembling or related to fruit.

Furby – from the Old Danish for ‘farm’ or ‘settlement.’

Fuzz – an American slang word for the police.

Fuzzball – an American word describing ‘a soft, fuzzy creature.’

Interesting Dog Names That Start With F

These doggie monikers don’t just sound cool—their meanings make them all the more interesting as well. We’ve mixed in typically masculine, feminine, and unisex names, so you can pick a unique name that starts with “F” that best fits your dog’s personality!

Facebook – the explosively popular social media platform founded at Harvard College in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg.

Fats – for famed jazz pianist and singer-songwriter Fats Domino, who is one of the grandfathers of rock ‘n’ roll.

Felix – a Latin name that means ‘lucky and successful.’

Ferb – one of the titular characters from the hit Disney cartoon ‘Phineas & Ferb,’ originally from the Arabic meaning ‘God among men.’

Fergie – for Stacey Ferguson, an American pop star who was originally a member of The Black Eyed Peas.

Fernando – a common European name that means ‘courageous adventurer and leader.’

Fidget – from the Old Norse word ‘fikja’ which means ‘to move briskly, be restless or eager.’

Fife – for Barney Fife, the hapless police officer from The Andy Griffith Show.

Filbert – an Old German name that means ‘very bright.’

Finnegan – from the Irish surname meaning ‘son of the fairheaded.’

Fiorella – an Italian name that means ‘little flower.’

Flaafy – the fluffy electric sheep Pokemon from the Gold, Silver, and Crystal series.

Fletcher – a British occupational name describing an arrowsmith or seller of arrows.

Flintstone – from the popular 1960s American cartoon featuring a Stone Age family with “modern” mid-20th century technology.

Flipper – a Dutch diminutive form of Filip that means ‘lover of horses.’

Flounder – Ariel’s best friend from ‘The Little Mermaid.’

Fonz – from the Spanish and Italian that means ‘noble and ready,’ also for Arthur Fonzarelli, the popular Greaser-type character from the popular 1970s American ‘Happy Days.’

Fortune – from the Latin ‘fortuna’ meaning ‘owned wealth,’ and also the name of the Roman goddess of luck.

Fowler – an English occupational name describing a bird-catcher or hunter of wild birds.

Frappuccino – a portmanteau of ‘frappe’ (a New England regionalism for milkshake) and ‘cappuccino,’  a popular coffee drink made of coffee and steamed milk foam.

Freeman – an Old English name that means ‘a free man, or one who is not bound in servitude to an overlord.’

Freja – a popular Swedish name meaning ‘lady’ or ‘noblewoman.’

Freud – the controversial neurologist from the turn of the 20th century, known for inventing the psychoanalytic method.

Friduwulf – an English name meaning ‘peaceful wolf.’

Frito – the popular American snack food made of fried corn chips, itself the Spanish word for ‘fried.’

Choose a Fabulous Dog Name That Starts With F

Sideways cocker Spaniel with silly look on its face

As you can see, you certainly won’t be at a loss for your new pup’s name. While the other 25 letters are just as wonderful, we’re a little biased towards the letter F; not only is it fun to say, but it effortlessly toes the line between formidable and flirtatious, making it one of the most versatile letters of the alphabet. Using our list, you’re sure to find a name befitting your new furry friend!

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