100 Terrific Dog Names That Start With T

100 Terrific Dog Names That Start With T

Whether you’re a lifelong dog lover or a first-time puppy owner, choosing your new best friend’s name is a whole lot of fun. You need something that’s not just fun to say, but a name that’ll suit your doggie’s personality and temperament, as well.

But with so many different names out there, it can be hard to choose the perfect one. When you consider that there are hundreds of names for each letter of the alphabet, you can suddenly wonder if Fido will forever be a John Doe. That’s why we’re here to focus specifically on dog names that start with T, as there are some truly terrific ones that’ll be sure to speak to your pup’s nature.

With that being said, let’s kick off our awesome list of dog names starting with T. We’ve included the meanings behind these names as well, so that you can be extra sure you’re giving your dog the best one.

Male Dog Names Starting With T

Many male dog names are predictably tough and masculine, as it’s far from unusual to lend a male dog an intimidating, authoritative air. Of course, this differs from breed to breed; for example, a Pomeranian named Tank is more likely to earn a laugh than a lump in the throat. Still, though, there are plenty of great male dog names that don’t call to mind barbed wire, and we’ve got them right here for you.

  • Tycoon – from the Japanese “taikun,” which means great prince or lord.
  • Teller – from the Old French “telier,” meaning “weaver” or “linen weaver.”
  • Tank – short for the Old Norman “Tancred,” which itself means “woodland clearing of man named Tancred.”
  • Troy – possibly derived from the Irish “Troightheach” meaning “foot soldier.”
  • Tinker – thought to come from the Old English name for “mender of pots and pans.”
  • Travis – an English name of French origin meaning “to cross the land.”
  • Thoreau – a French boy’s name meaning “strength of a bull.”
  • Tad – an English name that means “heart.”
  • Truman – from the Old English for “loyal man.”
  • Tag – Irish for “handsome.”
  • Tango – a popular Latin dance style from the Latin “tangere” meaning “touch.”
  • Tibet – namesake of the country west of China.
  • Toki – originally a Japanese name for girls that means “time of opportunity.”
  • Tanner – means “leather maker.”
  • Trace – an American name meaning “brave.”
  • Twain – from the English meaning “divided in two.”
  • Toulouse – namesake of the southern French city.
  • Tarka – a Polish nickname for someone who’s sarcastic or sharp-tongued.
  • Terron – a modern English name meaning Earth, thought to be a portmanteau of “Terra” and “Darin.”
  • Tay – unisex English name for “tailor.”
  • Trig – a Norse boy’s name that means “true.”
  • Trek – from the English meaning “images of a journey.”
  • Tortie – a deceptively sweet name from the Latin meaning “of the underworld.”
  • Tibo – a Japanese name that means “quick.”
  • Tug – an unusual name of Scandinavian origin that means “to pull.”

Female Dog Names Starting With T

If you have a little lady on your hands, though, then you’ll definitely want to check out these awesome female dog names that start with T. They range from regal to silly, so you can be sure that there’s something for every dog on this list.

  • Trixie – an English name meaning “bringer of joy.”
  • Tinkerbell – namesake of the fairy helper from the children’s classic “Peter Pan.”
  • Tawny – a feminine name referencing goldish-brown colors.
  • Tam – originally an Aramaic boy’s name meaning “twin,” now a popular feminine name.
  • Tulsi – a Hindi name that means “basil.”
  • Tuva – from the Scandinavian for “beautiful.”
  • Tulip – a Turkish name that means “turban.”
  • Tully – from the Irish for “devoted to the will of God.”
  • Taffeta – references the crisp, smooth, shiny fabric from which it gets its name.
  • Topaz – derived from the golden-brown gemstone of the same name; also the birthstone for the month of November.
  • Tiara – a Latin name meaning “headdress.”
  • Tala – a Lakota name that means “stalking wolf.”
  • Twila – derived from the English meaning “woven with a double thread.”
  • Truly – an English name for “honest.”
  • Tamari – originally a Hebrew boy’s name meaning “date or palm tree.”
  • Thandie – an African name that means “beloved.”
  • Tamaira – the Russian cognate of “Tamari,” also meaning “date or palm tree.”
  • Tweetie – namesake of the little wisecracking yellow bird from Looney Tunes.
  • Tootsie – English for “young lady or girl.”
  • Trina – a popular Scandinavian name meaning “triple.”
  • Tana – A Greek name for “fire or star goddess.”
  • Tess – from the Greek for “harvester.”
  • Tyra – an Old English name meaning “Thor’s battle.”
  • Tilly – from the Old German for “mighty in battle.”
  • Trinity – a Latin name that means “from the Trinity.”

Gender-Neutral Dog Names Starting With T

If you’d rather give your dog a more gender-neutral name starting with T, though, then we’ve got you covered. These names are especially great if you’re looking to give your pooch a more human-sounding name, as many of these names could suit their owners, as well!

  • Teigan – an Irish name meaning “poet.”
  • Tory – another Irish name that means “outlaw, bandit, or robber.”
  • Tatum – from the Old English for “bringer of joy.”
  • Tavi – an Aramaic unisex name meaning “good.”
  • Tiny – from the Latin for “follower of Christ.”
  • Twix – the namesake of the chocolate cookie candy bar, itself a portmanteau of “twin” and “mix.”
  • Twilight – from the English unisex name meaning “dusk.”
  • Toast – an Uzbek name that means “serene, beautiful, elegant, and graceful.”
  • Tamale – namesake of the South American dish made from corn dough steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf.
  • Terry – from the Old German meaning “power of the tribe.”
  • Tucson – namesake of the Arizonan city meaning “spring at the base of the black mountain.”
  • Twinkle – from the word meaning “to sporadically light up.”
  • Tracy – derived from the Irish word “treasach” which means “fighter” or “war-like.”
  • Thumbtack – from the word describing a short pin or nail used to stick things to a wall
  • Tizzy – an African name that means “astonishing.”
  • Taco – from the Old German name “Thankarat,” which means “one who meditates before acting.”
  • Tempo – from the Italian word for “time.”
  • Teapot – from the word for the tea-pouring device.
  • Treasure – from the Latin meaning “highly-valued possession.”
  • Trick – an English and Welsh nickname to describe someone who is crafty and cunning.
  • Trinket – derived from the Old English word “trenket,” meaning a thing of little value.
  • Toodles – a common British surname describing the locality “Totehill.”
  • Taro – originally a Japanese masculine name meaning “eldest son.”
  • Taylor – derived from the Old French “tailleur,” or tailor.

Interesting Dog Names That Start With T

So, we’ve covered all the genders now—but how about some names that are just doggone fascinating? Here are 25 of our favorites, complete with interesting meanings and all. Names in pink are feminine names, names in blue are masculine names, and names in purple are unisex names.

  • Taipan – denotes an old term for a rich expat businessman living and working in Hong Kong or China.
  • Tas – an Australian and Hungarian name meaning “well-fed” and “stone.”
  • Terminator – the titular namesake from the wildly popular 1980s action movie.
  • Trojan – denotes an inhabitant of Troy, an ancient city in Asia Minor.
  • Taurus – from the Latin word for “bull,” name of one of the 12 zodiac signs.
  • Tatonga – from the Native American word for “resembling a deer.”
  • Titus – from the Latin name meaning “title of honor.”
  • Toga – another Latin name from the loose outer garment worn by ancient Romans.
  • Tonto – a pan-European nickname describing a fool or moron.
  • Toto – namesake of the adorable terrier from “The Wizard of Oz.”
  • Tarik – a Turkish name meaning “morning star,” as well as the name of a powerful Muslim military commander who conquered Iberia in the 8th century.
  • Twiggy – namesake for the famous English fashion icon who was popular in the 70s.
  • Talisman – a name meaning “religious rite or charm”
  • Thames – namesake for the River Thames in England, originally brought from India, where it’s called “Tamasa,” meaning “dark river” and “dark water.”
  • Tao – a Chinese name meaning “peach,” and also the name of the Chinese philosophy which promotes chasteness and humility.
  • Tesco – the namesake of Britain’s most popular supermarket, originally started in 1919 when founder Jack Cohen started selling surplus groceries in London’s East End.
  • Tibor – from the Latin name Tiberius, meaning “of the river Tiber.”
  • Thatcher – from the English occupational name of someone who thatches roofs, or covers them in straw.
  • Tartufo – from the Italian word for “truffle,” is also the name of an Italian ice cream dessert made of two flavors of ice cream.
  • Tenakee – from the Tlingit word meaning “Coppery Shield Bay,” a reference to three copper shields that were lost in a storm, which were highly prized by the Tlingits.
  • Tarragon – derived from the Medieval Latin “tragonia” meaning “dragon.”
  • Thor – namesake of the king of the Norse gods, which means “thunder.”
  • Turbo – a Latin name meaning “a whorl or spinning object.”
  • Tudor – a Welsh name meaning “the people’s King.”
  • Tardis – the name of the time machine from “Doctor Who,” which is an acronym that stands for “Time And Relative Dimension In S

A Final Thought on These Tiptop Dog Names That Start With T

dog poking head out of car on sunny day

Naming your new pup doesn’t have to send you into a tizzy—simply take a look at our awesome list of dog names starting with T up above! Even though there are 25 other equally great letters in the alphabet, there’s no denying that the letter T manages to seamlessly blend toughness and tenderness to create some of the most timeless names around. As always, thanks for reading, and best of luck naming the newest member of your family!