100+ Military Dog Name Ideas

100+ Military Dog Name Ideas

Do you come from a family of soldiers? Is there someone close to you who is in the service? Do you want to make your puny, wily chihuahua seem tougher?

Regardless of your reasons, it’s undeniable that military-inspired names for our best friends and most loyal companions are pretty cool.

To aid you in your quest to find the perfect military dog names, here’s the ultimate list of military-related and military-inspired dog names for your perusal.

Male Military Dog Names

Names that inspire competence and unadulterated coolness. Here’s the best list of military-inspired male dog names and their meaning.

  • Aries – Aries is the god of war in Greek mythology. If your dog has a fierce, I-will-fight-you aura, then he might be an Aries.
  • Asim – Of Arabic or Islamic origin, this name means “
  • Barnes – From Old English, this name means “
  • Bomber – Your dog might be an active cannonball, or he might have explosive gas. Either way, Bomber would be an awesome name for an awesome dog.
  • Ferdie – Short for Ferdinand, a Germanic name composed of two root words for “bravery” and “
  • Griffin – Means “a fierce individual.”
  • Gunnar – Of Nordic origin, this name refers to a warrior.
  • Gunner – Maybe your dog barks like a machine gun, or maybe he runs as fast as a bullet.
  • Harvard – From Old Norse, this name means “guardian of the army.”
  • Hillard – Of Germanic origin, this name means “courageous in battle.”
  • Hunter – Although not strictly military, a hunter gives the same impression of courageousness and competence.
  • Kadir – From an Arabic word which means “competent” and “
  • Kalle – In German, this name means “free man,” something that embodies the goal of every member of the military.
  • Kolya – Means “the people’s victory” in East Slavic.
  • Lex – With Greek roots, this name means “defender of man.” There’s no better name for a fearless pet than this.
  • Marine – “The few, the proud.” Sounds like your dog? Then maybe he’s a Marine.
  • Ranger – Rangers are a special breed that acts in small groups, with the motto, “Of Their Own Accord.”
  • Sigmund – A Germanic name which means “victorious protector”
  • Thane – From an Old English and Scottish word that means “warrior’s attendant.”
  • Victor – Refers to ‘man of victory’, or in this case, ‘dog of victory’.
  • Ziggy – A typical name for our fur friends, but it means ‘victorious’ in its German roots.

Female Military Dog Names

military dog german shepherd with soldier

Names that inspire protection and all-around badassery. Here’s a list of military-inspired suggestions to name your female dog.

  • Ailani – Of Hawaiian origin, this name means “high chief.”
  • Alessa – Means “defender” in Greek. Quite an appropriate name for animals who have been defending mankind since ancient times.
  • Alexa – Derived from a Greek name that means “
  • Alice – Of German origin, this name means “noble”
  • Biddy – A cute name, but it stems from an Irish word for “If you have a cat and you want to name it an Irish name as well, check out this article.
  • Cadie – Although already a cool name by itself, you can add a military twist by saying that you named it after the “cadence” of an army’s marching.
  • Delta – A modern military-inspired name derived from the codesign for the letter ‘D’.
  • Indy – Borrowed from the word “Independence,” the very thing that the military is fighting for.
  • Kimber – Name your fierce dog after a well-loved brand of armament for the US military.
  • Lejeune – A pretty name borrowed from a Marine military base.
  • Mathilda – Which means “strong in battle.’
  • Mauser – Even dubbed as “The best military rifle of all time,” the Mauser rifle is a soldier’s trusty battlefield companion.
  • Merkava – Maybe you’d want to name your dog after a fierce Israeli-designed tank?
  • Quebec – A cute name for a female dog, and also a callsign for the letter “Q.”
  • Sheridan – A kind of light tank used first in the Vietnam war.
  • Trudy – Coming from Old German origin, this name means “strong spear.”
  • Ursula – This name means “strong as a bear.”
  • Vallie – Borrowed from the name Valerie, which means “
  • Vicky – From the phonetic callsign for “V.”
  • Zandra – Comes from Spanish root words which mean “man’s defender.” Again, a perfect name for a tough female dog!

Military Dog Inspired by Famous Military People

From ancient battles to modern-day conflicts, history is replete with distinguished generals, men and women of valor, and notable military people who are remembered for their decisive contributions.

What could be more military-inspired than naming your beloved pet after great military figures whose names went down in history?

  • Alvin – Alvin York exhibited bravery and competence when he led his forces through enemy lines during WWI.
  • Georgie – After George Washington of the Revolutionary War.
  • Hannibal – No, not the show, but the famous Carthaginian leader who gave the Roman Empire a whopping back in 218 BC.
  • Henry – Henry Johnson was a popular member of the Harlem Hellfighters, a National Guard unit composed of black soldiers.
  • Horatio – Horatio Nelson drove the British fleet to victory in the historically pivotal Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.
  • Khan – After the great conqueror Genghis Khan. This man is such a big part of world history that his name needs no further explanations.
  • Kyle – Chris Kyle was a famous Navy SEAL whom the movie American Sniper was based on.
  • Krysty – Name your fierce dog after Krystyna Skarbek, a multi-decorated Polish spy.
  • Lee – After the famous military icon Robert Lee.
  • Leo – After King Leonardas of Sparta.
  • Murphy – Truly a hero, Lieutenant Micheal Murphy famously exposed himself to Taliban gunfire to call for help for his embattled teammates.
  • Moshe – After Moshe Dayan, an Israeli commander who led his forces to victory in the Six-Day War of 1967.
  • Naples – After Napoleon Bonaparte, the small-but-terrible French military leader.
  • Natalie – After Natalia Peshkova, an icon in the Russian Army who braved the front lines multiple times to treat her fellow soldiers as a nurse.
  • Nearne – Do you feel like your dog is hiding something from you, and hiding it well? Then maybe a name taken after Eileen Nearne, a famous British spy, would be suitable for her.
  • Ott – After Elsie Ott, a distinguished air force nurse and the first female soldier to be awarded the US Air Medal.
  • Patty – From General George Patton, the man who established the US Armored Corps during WWII.
  • Qin – The first emperor of China who constructed the Great Wall.
  • Ruby – From Ruby Bradley, a nurse prisoner of war who was awarded about 34 various distinctions, including the Florence Nightingale medal.
  • Susie – From Susan Travers, the first and only multi-decorated woman to serve in the French Foreign Legionnaires.
  • Scipio – Hannibal’s rival Scipio Africanus who conquered Carthage in about 202 BC.
  • Toku – Name your dog after the great Japanese general, Ieyasu Tokugawa.
  • Togo – A cool, unique name for your dog, and also the name of Japanese Admiral Heihachiro Togo who defeated the Russian fleet in the Battle of Tsushima in 1905
  • Tomo – Does your dog sometimes feel like a tactical genius? Then name him or her after Tomoyuki Yamashita, once known as the “Tiger of Malaya.”
  • Ulysses – After Ulysses Grant of the Union.
  • Whittley – After Major Charles Whittlesy, the famous leader of the Lost Battalion.
  • Xander – A nickname taken from Alexander the Great, an Ancient Greek king who established the biggest empire in the ancient world.

Military Dog Names Inspired by Cool Military Equipment

military dog with soldier helmet

Who doesn’t find military equipment cool? These useful items have inspired braveness, readiness, and all-around usefulness to military geeks and outdoorsy dads. Might also be a cool name for a dog, too. Here’s a list.

  • Alice – Alternate term for a soldier’s Day Pack.
  • Ammo – Short term for ammunition.
  • Beefy – Named after B-52 bombers. Also a fitting name if your dog is beefy.
  • Bradly – A tank model primarily used for scout and armored troops transport.
  • Blackhawk – The model name of a military helicopter.
  • Caliber – The diameter of a bullet.
  • Cannon – Huge guns designed to fire over long distances. Perfect for a dog with an extremely loud bark.
  • Cara – Short for carabiners, a type of shackle.
  • Carbine – A long-barreled weapon used by modern militaries all around the world.
  • Cart – Short for cartridge, the part of a gun that stores the bullets.
  • Colt – A model of handgun.
  • Compass – Not just for happy campers, but also for ready soldiers.
  • Cruiser – A big ship used for naval operations.
  • Dagger – Every soldier has got to have one.
  • Gauge – The measurement of how big of a bullet that can fit in a gun barrel.
  • Geepee – Nicknamed after the military GPS.
  • Goggles – An important military equipment, as well as a cute name for a big-eyed dog.
  • Grenade – Bombs away!
  • Hammer – A common tool.
  • Hammock – Providing comfort even in the direst of battlefields.
  • Humvee – Big, fast, and bulky, a humvee is a light military vehicle used to transport people and equipment.
  • Kevvy – Short for Kevlar, a high-strength fiber used as material for body armor.
  • Knife – From kitchen to battlefield.
  • Multi – Nicknamed after a military-grade multi-tool.
  • Panzer – A cool name for a big dog which also means “tank” in German.
  • Poncho – A multi-functional piece of clothing for military men and women.
  • Sherman – Model of armored vehicle used by the American forces in the WWII.
  • Tank – If your dog is big, bulky, and built like a… well, tank, then this name is perfect for him.
  • Tac – Short for “tactical.”
  • Taser – Used by military and police forces for non-lethal incapacitation.
  • Torpedo – Do you have an active dog that zooms around? Bonus if it’s a long breed.
  • Uzi – A popular model of an automatic machine gun.
  • Wesson – A famous arms manufacturer.

Military Dog Names Inspired by Military Positions

A position in the military commands respect. Want to transfer the same to your beloved furry pet? Here’s the best list of dog names inspired by military positions.

  • Admiral – If your pupper has a bit of a leader in him, why not name him after an important rank in the Navy?
  • Brigadier – A rank in the British Royal Marines and Army.
  • Cadet – A soldier in training.
  • Captain – A commanding rank in the military, perfect for a dog who’s clearly the boss.
  • Chief – Delightfully vague but still elicits a feeling of authority.
  • Colonel – An officer position present in all branches of the military.
  • Commander – An authoritative name for an authoritative dog.
  • Commodore – A fairly high position in the Navy.
  • Corporal – The fifth rank in the US Army.
  • Defender – For dogs that love to keep their loved ones safe from harm.
  • Ensign – The flag bearing the allegiance of a ship.
  • General – A high position present in all branches of the military.
  • Guard – Do you have a particularly attentive dog? He or she might be a Guard.
  • Leader – For dogs with a competent aura.
  • Letty – Short for Lieutenant.
  • Major – Another important figure in the military.
  • Marshal – A position in the military police.
  • Offie – Short for Officer.
  • Pilot – A position in the military’s Air Force.
  • Private – The very first rank in the Army.
  • Sarge – Short for Sergeant.
  • Soldier – It can’t get more military than that, can it?

Choosing a Military Name for Your Dog

Military names are undoubtedly cool, but remember that you have to keep your dog’s characteristics in mind when naming it. Things like its breed, build, temperament, and even its habits will play a role in determining the kind of name that you will like calling your dog, and that your dog will adapt to.

If you’ve reached this far, then you should have no problem giving your dog a cool military-inspired name!

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