125 Dog Names That Start With the Letter C

125 Dog Names That Start With the Letter C

Finding the right name for your new puppy or adopted dog is incredibly important. Ideally, you’ll want something that fits your dog’s personality or something that will make them fit right in with your other pets.

In the past, dog names were easily classified as “dog names” because they were names like Fido or Trouble. You may notice that these days, many people give their dogs “people names” because people in modern times see their furry friends as family members rather than an animal they own. That’s why you may see dogs with names such as Katie or Luke.

If you’re looking for a dog name that starts with C, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want a name to match your other C-named animals or you’re looking for something unique, we probably have the right name for your pup.

We’ve listed out all the names with their meanings or definitions beside them, so you can be sure to pick out the perfect name.

People Names for Boy Dogs

  • Caiden – battle or fighter
  • Cain – something produced, or spear
  • Caleb – faithful, brave, or devotion to God
  • Calvin – bald or hairless
  • Camden – winding valley
  • Carl – free man
  • Carlos – free man
  • Carson – son of marsh-dwellers
  • Chaz – free man, warrior, or army
  • Chester – camp of soldiers
  • Chuck – free man
  • Clancy – son of the red warrior
  • Cletus – illustrious or invoked
  • Cody – helpful, pillow
  • Colby – coal town
  • Colton – coal town
  • Conan – wolf; high
  • Cooper – barrel maker
  • Cory – from the hollow
  • Craig – rock
  • Curtis – courteous, polite, well-bred

People Names for Girl Dogs

  • Callie – beautiful
  • Cara – loved one or dear
  • Carly – free man (or woman)
  • Carmen – song, truthful, poetry
  • Celine – heavenly
  • Chanel – pipe; luxury fashion brand
  • Charlie – free man (or woman)
  • Charlotte – petite
  • Chelsea – beautiful love; chalk landing place
  • Cher – dear
  • Chloe – blooming or fertility
  • Chrissy – follower of Christ
  • Cici – blind; sixth
  • Claire – clear or bright
  • Cleo – pride, glory, or fame
  • Cora – honest, virtuous, good

Descriptive Dog Names

  • Camper – a trailer, RV, or someone who camps
  • Candor – honest, truthful, and open
  • Canine – dog; resembling a dog
  • Captain – an army rank that means commander
  • Champion – defeated all rivals; a winner
  • Chato – a Spanish word for “flat” or “flat-nosed”
  • Chewy – needs to be chewed for a long time
  • Chica – a Spanish word for “girl”
  • Chico – a Spanish word for “boy”
  • Chief – the leader or master over a group of people
  • Chiquita – a Spanish word for “little girl”
  • Chomper – one who chews or chomps
  • Chubby – plump or round
  • Chula – (feminine) a Spanish word for “hot;” slang for cute
  • Chulo – masculine form of Chula
  • Chunky – bulky or thick

Dog Names From Pop Culture

  • C-3PO – character from Star Wars
  • Calypso – in Greek mythology, the nymph daughter of Titan Atlas; a style of Afro-Caribbean music
  • Cha Cha – Cha-cha-cha a Cuban dance; “Cha Cha Slide” a dance song by DJ Casper
  • Charlie Brown – the main character from the Peanuts comic strip
  • Cinderella – a folk tale that is best known today as a famous Disney animated film
  • Cleopatra – a queen of Egypt
  • CliffordClifford the Big Red Dog is a popular children’s book series
  • Cowboy – a cattle herder
  • Cujo – a Stephen King novel and film about a rabbit Saint Bernard
  • Cupid – in Greek mythology, the god of desire; means “passionate desire”

Dog Names Based on Food

  • Candy – sweet or bright
  • Cane – from the sugar cane; can be a nickname for tall people
  • Cannoli – an Italian tube-shaped pastry filled with ricotta cheese and sugar
  • Caramel – sugar or syrup with butter that’s heated until brown
  • Cheerio – from the whole grain oat cereal, Cheerios
  • Chef – a professional cook
  • Cherry – a fleshy fruit with a pit in the middle
  • Chia – edible seeds from a plant in the mint family
  • Chocolate – made from ground cacao seeds
  • Chowder – a soup or stew
  • Cinnamon – a red-brown spice from a tree bark
  • Clementine – a citrus hybrid between mandarins and oranges
  • Cocoa – a chocolate powder made from cacao seeds
  • Coffee – a hot or cold beverage from coffee beans
  • Cook – to prepare food; someone who makes food
  • Cookie – a flat, sweet baked good
  • Cupcake – an individual serving of cake
  • Curry – originating in India; uses many spices and is often served with rice

Dog Names Inspired by Places

  • Caddo – The Caddo Nation is a Native American tribe; Caddo Parish in Louisiana; Caddo Lake in Texas and Louisiana
  • Cairo – the capital of Egypt
  • Cali – a large city in Colombia, or a nickname for California
  • Canberra – the capital of Australia
  • Cancun or Cancún – a large city in Mexico that attracts many tourists
  • Canton – 28 towns or cities are named Canton in the United States
  • China – the most populated country in the world, located in Asia
  • Cusco – a city in Peru

Dog Names Inspired by Nature

  • Calathea – also called a prayer plant; native to tropical areas but are kept as house plants
  • Calendula – a genus of flowers that include marigolds
  • Camellia – evergreen shrubs and trees native to Asia, often used for tea
  • Camphor – an oil that can be found in the camphor tree native to Asian countries
  • Candytuft – the genus Iberis, it grows low to the ground and has puffy white flowers
  • Canyon – a deep gorge surrounded by cliffs
  • Cat – a domestic animal; ironic name for a dog
  • Cedar – a type of coniferous tree native to the Himalayas and Mediterranean
  • Cheetah – a large cat that is native to Africa
  • Cisco – a freshwater whitefish
  • Clover – a plant in the pea family that’s said to be lucky
  • Coal – a black rock made of carbon and other elements
  • Coconut – the fruit of the coconut palm
  • Comet – icy space rock that forms a visible tail when it’s too close to the sun
  • Copper – a red-brown metal
  • Cosmo – a prefix meaning “of the universe”
  • Cricket – a chirping insect
  • Crystal – a solid material that is often sharp and may reflect light
  • Cypress – a type of coniferous tree or shrub

Unique Dog Names

  • Caddy – a container; a person who carries golf clubs
  • Caliber – the quality of someone’s character
  • Campbell – crooked mouth
  • Casanova – used to describe a womanizer; from the Italian adventurer Giacomo Casanova
  • Chappy – informal British English word for “fellow”
  • Checkers – a strategy board game; a pattern of black and white squares
  • Chi Chi – a negative way to describe showy clothing; a kind of cocktail
  • Chicken – used to describe someone who is scared; a domestic fowl
  • Chip – a popular snack; a nickname for children who take after their parent
  • Choice – top quality; the act of making a decision
  • Chrome – a protective finish; a web browser
  • Cinch – an easy task; to secure with a belt
  • Cinco – Spanish word for “five”
  • Crush – to compress; to subdue; infatuation, or “puppy love”
  • Cruiser – a warship; a yacht; a fast car
  • Cutie – someone who is endearing
  • Czar – an emperor; a government-appointed person to control the policies in an area

Final Thoughts

The name you choose for your new companion will stick with them for the rest of their life, so be sure to pick something you love. If you’re not sure what to pick, consider choosing something appropriate for their personality or related to how they came into your life. We hope we helped you find the perfect name!

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