The Best Harry Potter Cat Names

The Best Harry Potter Cat Names

With dedicated fans all over the world, the Harry Potter series is a great place to find inspiration for your pet’s name. Whether you want a unique, magical name, or you just want to declare your love for the series in a special way, naming your cat after one of the characters, actors, or creatures in the books is a great way to achieve this.

To help you find the perfect name, we’ve gathered a list of the most popular names from the Harry Potter series and put them all in one place. Read on for the best Harry Potter cat names out there!

How to Choose the Best Harry Potter Name for Your Cat

Choosing a name for your cat is no easy feat, as you want to be sure the name perfectly matches your cat and their individual personality. When looking over this list of names, you should be considering things like your cat’s fur coloring and their likes and dislikes; this can help you pick out the perfect name that speaks to their unique worldview or describes their appearance.

You should also make sure to choose a name that you won’t have any trouble telling people or putting on veterinary records. For instance, you may love the name “Winky,” but if you find it embarrassing to say in public, you should choose something you feel more comfortable with.

Remember, the name you give your cat will be theirs for life and a part of their legacy, so you should choose something that you are drawn too, comfortable with, and that perfectly suits your cat.

Harry Potter Animal and Creature Names

From goblins to hippogriffs, to owls and phoenixes, Harry Potter is full of magical animals and creatures that are perfect for naming your cat after.

  • Crookshanks – Hermione’s pet cat and one of the most famous cats in the franchise.
  • Norris – the old, but beloved, pet cat of caretaker Argus Filch.
  • Tibbles – a half-cat, half-kneazle that belongs to Harry’s neighbor, Mrs. Figg.
  • Dobby – after the lovable house-elf that became one of Harry’s closet friends throughout the book series.
  • Winky
  • Kreature
  • Firenze – an homage to the centaur that saved Harry’s life in the books.
  • Horntail
  • Grawp – after Hagrid’s full giant brother, introduced in Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix.
  • Goblin
  • Griphook
  • Fawkes – a perfect name for an orange or reddish colored cat
  • Phoenix
  • Hedwig – after the name of Harry’s pet owl and perfect for a snow-white cat.
  • Norbert
  • Errol
  • Scabbers – the name of Ron’s pet rat, who turned out to be Peter Pettigrew in disguise
  • Willow – as in the “Whomping Willow” that starred in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.
  • Basilisk
  • Nargles – a potentially imaginary, mischievous creature Luna Lovegood believed inhabited mistletoe.
  • Aragog
  • Mandrake – if your cat is especially chatty, you may want to consider naming it after these screaming roots.
  • Boggart

Harry Potter Female Character Names

office of Dolores Umbridge at Harry Potter studios

The women of Harry Potter are great role-models for your cat and have some very catchy names to pay them tribute with.

  • Hermione
  • Cho
  • Luna – an homage to the slightly spacey character who becomes Harry’s friend. You may also want to use her last name, Lovegood.
  • Lavender
  • Molly – after the much-loved matriarch of the Weasley family.
  • Ginny
  • Minerva – a fitting name for a tabby cat, as that is what Professor Minerva McGonagall can turn into.
  • Fleur
  • Petunia
  • Tonks
  • Nymphadora – Tonk’s first name, that she hardly ever uses.
  • Lily – after Harry’s mother.
  • Myrtle – an homage to the ghost eternally haunting the halls of Hogwarts.
  • Parvati
  • Padma
  • Rosmerta – the friendly inn-keeper in Hogsmeade.
  • Rowena – after the founder of Ravenclaw
  • Helga – after the founder of Hufflepuff
  • Petunia
  • Marge
  • Trelawney – after the professor. You could also use her first name, Sybill.
  • Bellatrix
  • Narcissa
  • Dolores – Dolores Umbridge may be a disliked character, but her name is perfect for a mischievous cat.

Harry Potter Male Character Names

These male characters from Harry Potter are all great options for naming your cat after.

  • Padfoot
  • Prongs
  • Harry
  • James
  • Potter – this name can be a reference to anyone in the Potter family, or just a declaration for your love of the books.
  • Lucius
  • Albus
  • Dumbledore
  • Sirius
  • Ron
  • Weasley
  • Gilderoy – after the charming, yet misguided, professor Harry encounters in the Chamber of Secrets.
  • Filch – a perfect name for an especially cranky cat.
  • Draco
  • Malfoy
  • Hagrid – a great choice for a very fluffy cat. You can also opt for Hagrid’s first name, Rubeus.
  • Cedric
  • Diggory
  • Barty – after Barty Crouch senior or junior. You could also use the long version of the name Bartemius.
  • Alastor – after the famous auror. You may also want to use the name Moody, which is suited for a grumpy cat.
  • Dursley – an homage to anyone in the Dursley family.
  • Godric – after the founder of Gryffindor
  • Salazar – after the founder of Slytherin
  • Voldemort
  • Riddle – a reference to Voldemort’s real name, Tom Riddle. You could also use his middle name, Marvolo.
  • Percy
  • Fred
  • George
  • Neville
  • Lupin – after the werewolf and professor Harry grows close with. You could also use his first name, Remus.

Harry Potter Actor and Actress Names

cat in a witch hat

If a name directly from the book characters doesn’t seem to suit your cat, you can also consider naming your furry friend after the actors in the movies!

  • Rupert – Ron Weasley
  • Grint – Ron Weasley
  • Daniel – Harry Potter
  • Radcliffe –Harry Potter
  • Emma – Hermione Granger
  • Watson – Hermione Granger
  • Tom – Draco Malfoy
  • Felton – Draco Malfoy
  • Bonnie – Ginny Weasley
  • Matthew – Neville Longbottom
  • Lewis – Neville Longbottom
  • Evanna – Luna Lovegood
  • Katie – Cho Chang
  • Robert – Cedric Diggory
  • Pattinson – Cedric Diggory
  • Clémence – Fleur Delacour
  • Hugh – Colin Creevey

Hogwarts Inspired Names

These cat names are inspired by Hogwarts and the magical universe around it.

  • Hallow – after the Deathly Hallows discussed in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
  • Seeker
  • Quidditch
  • Marauder – as an homage to the Marauder’s map Harry first used in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
  • Ravenclaw
  • Gryffindor
  • Hufflepuff
  • Slytherin
  • Quaffle
  • Nimbus – after Harry’s ill-fated broomstick used in his first Quidditch match
  • Snitch – a great name for a golden or yellow colored cat
  • Wizard
  • Witch
  • Sorcerer
  • Auror
  • Minister – as an homage to the Minister of Magic

The Most Magical Name for Your Cat

Choosing a name for your cat isn’t the easiest task in the world. After all, you want to make sure that the name you choose fits your cat’s personality and their outlook on life.

With the help of this list of names from the Harry Potter series, you should be able to find a fitting, magical name for your cat that properly defines their unique personality.